My Adventure Quest - La Quête d'une Aventurière - Part 3

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The Alchemist Recipe

It took me longer to write this post than expected for two main reasons:

  • There is so much to say that it's difficult to keep it short, simple and clear
  • I'm so deep in the writing of the related book that I can hardly stop to do anything else!

Having started writing about it, I discovered that indeed there was a lot to say and share, and that basic blog posts and articles would never be enough. I am willing and totally determined to share my story further to help other men and women heal from such a painful condition and guide them to love themselves and their body and have a peaceful and amazing relationship with food again!

Because despite all I've believed for years: it is possible. And it's far less complicated that I ever thought!

This post will give you the key elements that lead to my full and complete recovery. I like to think of an Alchemist Box full of both magical and scientific tools that have the ability to transform any...

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My Adventure Quest - La Quête d'une Aventurière - Part 2

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It started with an ugly duckling story..

Photo by Joshua Fuller
Don't worry. I won't speak at length about me and my childhood. And I'm not telling you all this for you to feel sorry for me or to sound like a poor little victim. Not at all. It only brings a deeper meaning and understanding to the whole story.
So let's start from the start...
I clearly wasn't born an outdoor explorer and life adventure coach
I grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in a tiny village in the countryside. Honestly I had a very privileged childhood. Both my parents were working in the main city when I was little but as animal lovers, we always had dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, even goats and geese in our big garden. I had a real talent for dancing, I loved spending time outdoors with my horse and pets, inventing worlds and stories, acting and playing with my sister and brother and the kids of the neighbourhood, and reading tons of...
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My Adventure Quest - La Quête d'Une Aventurière - Part 1

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Struggles make the Hero.

Recently a very good friend of mine shared his personal journey relative to a major event that happened in his life. Reading his story, I felt deeply touched. I realised what he'd been through and was moved and impressed by his strength, his resilience, his drive to overcome it. He was showing up big, A HERO.

And there it strikes me: it's only when you open up, dare to show your weakness and vulnerability, dare to share the struggles and obstacles on your path that others can truly see and understand and identify with your story and be inspired for their own journey. Only then can one's story make a decisive impact on others. Struggles reveal the Hero journey.  Without any obstacles, without any adventures, without any surprises, a journey is simply nice and smooth, nice and clean. Kind of bland, featureless. Pale. Faded. It doesn't make any impact, there is no suspense. No one is eager to know how it's going to end, what...

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A cleaner mind for a better world - Un esprit plus propre pour un monde plus vert

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Clean your thoughts. Clean the Earth.

Make a difference making the world a better place

Recently a very good friend of mine launched her new blog on minimalism Mon Truc en Moins - a great blog, well-written and with a very honest and authentic approach of what minimalism means for her and changed in her life. A must-read! Another of my ultra runner friend TyreLady Ice is dedicating her life to the fight against plastic waste and working on amazing zero waste and "Re-use-recycle-reduce" projects in Singapore and England. Collective gardening, permaculture and urban gardens are springing up like mushrooms. Tons of receipts and books on how to create your own organic beauty products and environnement-friendly cleaning products can be found on the web. Organic. Local. Re-use. Recycle. Reduce. A desire to use less, to declutter. To be more mindful, more responsible. To go cleaner, go greener. Worldwide there is a clear...

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