An Adventure Quest

From Eating Disorders to Freedom


Embark on this empowering hero's journey with me! 

Discover how I set myself free from bulimia and eating disorders. 

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This book is the book I wish I had found back then...


After years of struggle and suffering, I completely turned my life around and set myself free from bulimia and eating disorders. 

I now feel called to share my story with anyone going through the same painful journey.

Because I remember how lost, lonely, shameful and hopeless I felt. 

Because I know now that no one needs to suffer as much as I did and for so long to heal from eating disorders, binge-eating and bulimia.

You are not alone.

Believe me. There is an easier path. 

An Uplifiting Journey

Embark on this personal Quest with me and benefit from the empowering lessons I learnt and the secret tools I discovered!

May this book be a light on your own journey to recovery!

Make it your own Quest!

Shifting perspective on Eating Disorders

This book casts a new light on bulimia, binge-eating and food- and body image-related issues.

My wish is to contribute to shifting our approach of ED

Feel empowered and hopeful!
E-Book or Paperback

Discover my Magical Recipe

Choose to set yourself Free. 

Because you deserve it!
Because there is more to Life!


How it can benefit You!

I share in this book my own journey along with plenty of tips, insights and useful tools.

Believe me. I thought I would never get out of this nightmare and would have to deal with eating issues all my life. Yet I made it.

I wish just the same for you.

You deserve an amazing Life free of this burden. If I made it, you can do it as well. And it doesn't have to be such a struggle!

It is actually an empowering and uplifting Adventure to embark on! 

Claim your Power back and be the Hero of your Life! 

with love,

There is a path to Freedom

Are you ready to take it?

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