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Online Course Energy Morning Boost

How to shift your Mindset and take your Life to another level of Success and Fulfillment!
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I'm Rachel, outdoor explorer, author and Adventurer Mindset Mentor!

I help men and women, just like you, with their Mindset to meet challenges and embrace change. I love empowering people to dare do things that they are passionate about and live to their full potential.

Adventurer is a Mindset that helps you deal with challenges and uncertainty.
With the right mindset, you can enjoy the ride in the midst of change and create an even brighter future for yourself!

Coming from an academic background, I quit a safe and comfy career in law enforcement to live my passion for the outdoors and nature. The scariest thing I ever done! Years later,  I'm now an accomplished extreme athlete and Arctic adventurer, who successfully recovered from severe eating disorders. My Life has indeed turned into a Magical Adventure!  I live the life I've always dreamt of! You can find out more about me and my story here

Once you shift your Mindset, everything becomes possible.

If I have done it, so can you! Life is happening now! Dive into it! You are ready to open the doors to your Dreams and to turn your life into the extraordinary adventure you deserve! 

I'm thrilled you're here and look forward to accompanying you on this empowering journey!





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Some fresh air in your inbox!
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