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Dogs available for adoption

Why are sled dogs rehomed?

Read here the article I wrote on the different reasons why sled dogs are being retired. 

Can sled dogs become pet dogs?

  • Will they adapt to family life and being inside?
  • How much exercise do they need?
  • Won't they get too hot?
  • Do they pee inside?
  • How do they get on with other dogs or cats?

These are some of the most common questions I get from people interested in adopting a retired sled dog. Here's our answers:

All of the dogs considered to be suitable for adoption have spent time indoors and are either completely or nearly 100% house trained.

All are open and friendly towards people and have been extremely well socialised. In case of dogs requiring special care, it is always clearly mentioned in the dog description. These dogs would make amazing companion pets and/or sport buddies. For the oldies, we believe that they would have a better life if they could retire to a sofa.

Coming soon:  the application form

In the meantime, if you're interested in adopting a husky available for adoption, please send me an email at rachel(a)

Practical information

It is pretty easy for anyone living in Finland, and Scandinavia to adopt one of the dogs listed and if you are looking for a certain type of dog (one that can run with you or one that is good with kids, etc), please do get in touch. There are other dogs than those shown here, that are just not in as much need of a new home, but which might be perfect for you. Even if they haven't made it to the 'top priority list, if we find the perfect match for you, we would rather that they go to the ideal home than that they stay running, here, if they are not that great as working sled dogs or if they are already on a reduced running plan.

For those living in the rest of Europe, it can be quite complicated, expensive and time-consuming to get the dog ready to travel. However, it is totally possible. 

  • Hermanni

    Hey everyone! I'm Hermanni, a 9 yrs old Alaskan husky up for adoption. I'm retired now and enjoy easy days at Bear Hill Husky kennel. Yet, I would be happy to find a family who would take me for nice walks and play with me in the garden — I'm very kind, get on with every dogs and easy to come by. I can walk free or on the leash. I've not been inside much yet, but I've heard it's very nice and comfy there!

    If I make your heart melt, send an email for info.

    Location: Finland, Rovaniemi

    Pic credit by Helen Walker @helenannawalker

  • Tonic

    With his awesome looks and personality, Tonic is sure to find a new home quickly! Born in 2013, he arrived at Bearhill Husky kennel as a puppy. He's still fit and up for good runs and regularly joins the safari teams. He can either go to a home as a pet dog or as a lead dog in a smaller private team. 

    Tonic travels very well in the car and is home and leash broken. He's still quite shy and not comfortable walking in traffic and in the city.  

    Contact us for further information on this lovely boy! 

    Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

    Pic credit by Helen Walker @helenannawalker

  • Seti

    Oh Seti! What a special boy! I've a crush on him ;-)

    Born in 2012, Seti worked most of the time as a single lead dog at Bearhill Husky kennel. He has his own way to lead ;-) and a very special temper, that makes him truly irresistible. Strong, reliable, dedicated, always eager to go and be part of the game, he's a dog you can count on. He doesn't like to be left behind.

    For him, we would privileged either a private sled dog team looking for a lead dog or an active family. 

    Contact us to get more information on Seti!

    Pic credit by Helen Walker @helenannawalker


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