A Foundation to rehome sled dogs

The Striders Adventures Association is a Swiss-based non-profit organisation created in 2019 by myself, Rachel Frei Bandieri, and my husband Marc Bandieri, to support animal welfare projects and organisations. In 2021, after a four-month volunteering mission in Lapland, aware of the critical situation caused by the Covid crisis, the Association decided to mainly support the rehoming and adoption of sled dogs in Finland.

The organisation adopted 6 Alaskan huskies in March 2021 from Bear Hill Husky, a professional kennel with a strong no-kill policy based in Rovaniemi, Lapland, to help them go through the Covid economical crisis.  

Rachel and the Striders Adventures team of rehomed sled dogs

These 6 dogs, along with my own two previously rehomed huskies, Bobby and Quint, are the Face of the Association and my best training buddies. 

Your support help us provide for their needs - incl. food, training, necessary gear, shelter, care, and expand our services to other kennels and dogs, as foster home and intermediary before adoption. 

The Striders Adventures Association works in partnership with kennels, mushers and other non-profit organisations in Finland.

There are different ways to support The Striders Adventures Association for the Huskies (tax deductible)

  • By sponsoring one of the 6 dogs

    Become a Godfather /Godmother for one of the dogs owned by the Association.

    Become part of their Adventures, as they progress and evolve in their career in the Striders Adventures Running Team for some and as expedition dogs for the others. 

    The yearly costs for one dog are estimated at €1'500.-, which covers for food, usual vet checks and vaccinations, care, and shelter. You decide on the amount of your contribution, make it recurrent or a one shot, and sponsor all or part of the costs for a dog.

    Become a Sponsor 
    Bank transfer or   

    Meet the dogs

  • Donate to the Association for the Huskies

    You can support the project in general by donating a fixed or recurring amount to the Association and becoming a member. 

    It helps us provide the dogs with all the training and care they need, get the necessary gear and extend our services to other kennels and dogs waiting for adoption.

    Become a Member 

    Bank transfer or via paypal 

  • Adopt a Husky!

    Huskies are amazing dogs! Contrary to preconceived ideas, sled dogs for rehoming make fantastic pet dogs. Depending on their age and the reasons why they are rehomed, they will do excellent sport buddies, or simply the best new family friend. 

    Sled dogs go through extensive training and are used to be petted by, and in contact with many different people. This explains why thy are so quick to learn new things and adapt to new situations with ease. They are extremely kind and sweet dogs.

    We evaluate each dog and their potential to become family dog. We make sure that the dog finds the right people for his retirement years or new life as a home dog. And we believe that it must be a perfect match! 

    Get more information - Dogs available


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