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My name is Peppi, and I am probably the cutest Alaskan husky you've ever met!

I would love to have my own person or loving family, who would take care of me, cuddle and love me to bits. I am the perfect home dog: I really enjoy going on walks, playing around the house with kids and spending time lying down in the sun. I am also extremely social with people and other dogs.

My Story

I am one of Bobby and Quint's sisters, the first two Alaskan huskies of the Striders tribe. I am currently based in Switzerland with them. I was born in Sweden in 2015 out of a Siberian Husky mom and an Alaskan husky dad.

I did a really good job when I was younger as a lead dog, training Alaskan Malamutes and I also took part in a few long distance races. Then I was moved to Finland with Bobby and Quint, where I worked a couple more years as a safari dog.

At the end of last season, I decided it was time to do something else. If I still really enjoy walks, hikes and having some fun with my humans, I am not interested anymore in intensive work. I've discovered how nice it is to chill in the garden and be pet by humans.

Why I am going to melt your heart...

...simply because I am so adorable! I have a way with people. I give them that look and they all end up on all fours with me.

I got that from my Siberian husky roots. My little head and cute short nose give me this incredible cute look. I am medium size, much smaller than my two giant brothers. In summer, my coat is fine and shinny, like a proper pet dog. In winter, if you live me outside, I will put on my thick husky fur. But honestly, I'd be happier inside with you!

I quickly get used to new situations and no noise can scare me. Army shots, thunderbolts, heavy machinery...  I simply don't care. I actually enjoy following Marc to the car workshop and I sleep near him as he works, drills or welds. 

I love travelling, spending time in the car and my travel box. I jump inside it from far when I see it! It is my safe place, and if you have to leave me alone at home, I might prefer to go there to feel secure.

If I like playing with other dogs, being around humans is even more important to me.Cats, horses and cows are animals I am used to. Marc and rachel are trying to get me not react to chickens...but honestly I think it would be so much fun to chase after them! Goats and sheep are still very interesting but I get it that I must leave them alone.

What I don't like is: being put under pressure, angry and upset people, and being left outside alone.

I know how to behave, I even know how to sit and stay. Being in the house is still new to me but I like it!

I am not neutered, as it isn't a common practice where I come from. I never had puppies though.

Why am I for adoption?

Many people wanted to adopt me... yet none of these people had time for a dog! Marc and Rachel are very sad not to be able to give me as much attention as I would like to, as they have to share me with the 11 others, without mentioning the cat and the horse! Even if I feel good with them, they are a bit too active for me. They are always on the move! 

My dream? A person or kind family, who wants a pet dog to walk and play with, with or without kids, with a garden or a balcony,

So? Can I come with you?

En balade avec les copains

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Peppi is in very good health, all her papers and vaccinations are valid until 2023. She has an European passport and chip.

Peppi is in Switzerland until September. Then we will take her with us back to Scandinavia.

Is this lovely girl your new best 4-legged friend?

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