Meet the dogs

The seven Alaskan Huskies adopted by the Association!

These doggies were all rehomed from working in a professional kennel for different reasons.

For three of them, the "Spice girls", Posh, Baby and Sporty, it is mainly related to the Covid-19 crisis. Under other circumstances, they would certainly have stayed at Bear Hill Husky as safari sled dogs. But, their kind of difficult temper with other dogs, especially with other females, placed them on the list of the dogs to rehome when some decisions had to be made. They have a good pedigree, great potential as sled dogs and are still very young (born in summer 2019). So working on their "nasty " tendencies is one of the main challenges with them!

The other three, Typy, Hassu and Vinku, were all for rehoming as they are extremely shy dogs, easily afraid of guests and of any unknown people. This made it difficult for a professional kennel and not fun at all for the dogs themselves. With them, the main challenge is to build the trust and boost their self-confidence. Born in another kennel, they are mixed Alaskan - with a lot of hound, and Siberian husky. 

The laste female adopted, Oak, is a lovely young Alaskan husky, very social and kind. She didn't enjoy being a professionnal sled dog, so she joined our tribe to do other kind of outdoor activities!

The idea to adopt them was born while working and spending time with them during a volunteering mission at Bear Hill Husky kennel:

All seven love to run and it would have been a shame not to let them do that. Yet as part of a small and private sled dog team run by a few people they know and trust to give them a chance to overcome their shyness and enjoy running without any additional stress. Once the idea was born, as out of the box as it seemed, it grew into a solid project and the rest followed! These dogs are so keen to go, learn, and create a bond with someone, that we couldn't let them down!

Cover picture credit @Joel Forsman Photography



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