Life is an Adventure

Turn Yours into a Magical One!


Magic Boost

Kick start your Adventure!

I can support you on your journey to

  • unlock your potential and Adventurer Mindset
  • create a life free of any Eating Disorders or body image and/or weight issue
  • challenge your limits and fears to live up to your dreams!
  • discover your purpose and true calling
  • get you unstuck from an overwhelming, stressful or hopeless situation

View the offer directly or contact me for further information. 


Hero Awakening

Let's take on the Adventure Quest !

 With this package, we will work hand in hand to create a brighter future for yourself. 

  • implement deeper changes in your life
  • implement life-changing habits and mindset
    address eating disorders and body-related issues

You get the very best of my Alchemist tool box and Life adventurer  experience to assist you in reaching your goal(s)

 As this is a very personal Quest, I only do tailor-made package that meets your unique needs. Feel free to contact me and we can book a free call to talk it over!


Only For The Brave

Dive deeper into the Real Adventure

Are you tempted to get out there and experience living into the wild for a few days?

Do you have what it takes to live with the bare minimum in the heart of nature? Are you curious to discover more about your inner Hero?

If you're ready to awaken your Inner Sisu, I would be more than happy to take you out there and experience outdoor adventure my way! along with my doggies 


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