Live your Life like an Adventurer!


I'm Rachel, outdoor warrior, author, animal lover and Adventurer Mindset Mentor!

I believe in living Life the Kickass Way! I love empowering people to dare do things that they are passionate about and live to their full potential. 

Adventurer is a state of being and thinking that helps you live your life upon your own terms

Try it! It's fun!
With the right mindset, you can enjoy the ride in the midst of change and create an even brighter future for yourself!

Coming from an academic background, I quit a safe and comfy career in law enforcement to live my passion for the outdoors and nature. The scariest thing I ever done! Years later,  I'm now an accomplished extreme athlete and Arctic adventurer, who successfully recovered from severe eating disorders. My Life has indeed turned into a Fantastic Adventure!  I live the life I've always dreamt of! You can find out more about me and my story here

Once you shift your Mindset, everything becomes possible.

If I have done it, so can you! Life is happening now! Dive into it! You are ready to open the doors to your Dreams and to turn your life into the extraordinary adventure you deserve! 

I'm thrilled you're here and look forward to accompanying you on this rocking journey!

Let's wake up your Inner Sisu*!


*Sisu is a Finnish word that describes an extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely. It expresses itself in taking action against the odds, and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity


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    A Mind Set for Success

    Do you feel called to change some areas of your life that you’re not happy about, but don’t really know where to start?

    It all seems too scary, too overwhelming...
    ...yet something inside you keeps calling you. If only you dare to take that first step into the Unknown…

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    The Striders Adventures

    What about Real Life?

    The Adventurer Mindset from the Field! Discover my trips and Arctic expeditions alone or along with my dogs, cat and horse in Europe and especially in Scandinavia. This is how and where I apply and develop all the advice, tips and tools I share with you. It's not just theory.  I test, use and live what I teach!

    May it be a breath of fresh air, a gust of wilderness and a whiff of inspiration to set off on your own Adventures - whatever your field of predilection !

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