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I'm Rachael, the Outdoor Witch: outdoor explorer, animal intuitive, author, life adventurer, and lucky owner of several animal companions.

I'm a professional animal communicator committed to creating a deeper understanding between people and their animal companions. 

I believe in living Life to its fullest! For years, I was passionate about empowering people to dare do things that they are passionate about and live to their full potential. Read more about me and my story here

After having spent several amazing months among sled dogs in Finland and having adopted several of them, I had an epiphany:

Animal communication blended with energy work. This is the work I am meant to do.

I blend my unique perception of our multi-dimensional universe and the energy it is made of with my reception of animals' emotions and thoughts as images and narrative in the animals' own words. I combine my skills as a life coach, a energy healer, an animal communicator, with my love for the animal kingdom to help animals and their people in a way that is fun and bring amazing results.

Fears, traumas, unexplained diseases and anxiety… the method I have developed and fine-tuned with my own pack made of adopted, rescued or re-homed animals works. It brings fascinating results!

I want you and your animal best friend to thrive and be happy together. 

Because happier animals make happier people. And vice versa.

Discover and book a remote session, contact me here for other requests or check the blog and my free online content for inspiration, tips and answers :-)

Thanks for being here!


Main picture by Helen Walker @phodography.ch


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