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From Eating Disorders to Freedom


Discover my story and how I set myself free from bulimia and eating disorders. Find out how I completely turned my life around after years of struggle and how I become the Outdoor Adventurer I am today. 

In this book, I share my personal journey as well as plenty of useful tools and insights. My wish is to help and inspire anyone who is struggling not only with eating disorders, but with weight issues, body image and any food- and body-related fears and issues. 

I hope that this book can contribute to shift the common perspective on eating disorders, and help people reconcile with their bodies and themselves.

This book is the book I wish I had found back then. Because I now know that no one needs to suffer and struggle as much as I did to heal from eating disorders, binge-eating and bulimia. Setting yourself free doesn't need to be hard and long. 

There is an easier path.  And it is accessible to you. 

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