An Adventure Quest

An Empowering Journey - From Eating Disorders to Freedom

"Once you shift your Mindset, everything becomes possible"

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Discover the 5-Step Recipe to set free from Bulimia and Bingeing!

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  • This book is the book I wish I had found back then...

    After years of struggle and suffering, I completely turned my life around and set myself free from bulimia and eating disorders. 

    I now feel called to share my story with anyone going through the same painful journey.

    Because I remember how lost, lonely, shameful and hopeless I felt. 

    Because I know now that no one needs to suffer as much as I did and for so long to heal from eating disorders, binge-eating and bulimia.

    Believe me. There is an easier path. 

    You are not alone.


    Grab you Copy ON AMAZON!

  • An Uplifting Journey

    Embark on this personal Quest with me and benefit from the empowering lessons I learnt and the secret tools I discovered!

    May this book be a light on your own journey to recovery!

    Make it your Own Quest!

    Shifting perspective on Eating Disorders

    This book casts a new light on bulimia, binge-eating and food- and body image-related issues.

    My wish is to contribute to shifting our approach of ED

    Feel empowered and hopeful!

  • How it can benefit YOU

    I share in this book my own journey along with plenty of tips, insights and useful tools.

    Believe me. I thought I would never get out of this nightmare and would have to deal with eating issues all my life. Yet I made it.

    I wish just the same for you.

    You deserve an amazing Life free of this burden. If I made it, you can do it as well. And it doesn't have to be such a struggle!

    It is actually an empowering and uplifting Adventure to embark on! 

    Claim your Power back and be the Hero of your Life! 

    with love,

  • There is a Path to Freedom


    If you prefer not to be alone on this journey, I would be honoured to support you on your way towards recovery. I have created a  6-week 1:1 coaching program where I will personally be there for you, every step of your journey.

    Based on my own journey, my research, and specific knowledge and skills I have acquired in the field over the years , this program adapts to your personal situation which makes it 100% tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

    Do not hesitate to contact me directly for further information on specific 1:1 coaching and follow-up. You don't have to endure ED any longer!

  • Discover My Magical Recipe

    Choose to set yourself Free. 

    Because you deserve it!
    Because there is more to Life!

    Discover! and Get your  Free E-Book

    In this guidebook, you will

    • Discover the 5 magical steps to recovery
    • Why and how complete recovery can be really fast
    • Understand why you keep bingeing and how to stop
    • and more!

    I want my free ebook!


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