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  • 15.05.2024
    Living a Normal Life?

    On Feeling Loved and Safe

    Recent events pushed me to explore further what “having a normal life” really meant and dig deeper into the concepts of feeling loved and safe. In these times considered as the Great Awakening of Humanity by many in the New Earth community, I am certain that I am far from being alone with this feeling of uncertainty. We find ourselves navigating in completely uncharted territories, where most of our old references and beliefs do not stand or make sense any longer.

    self-love, manifestation, inner power, unknown, navigate changes, new earth, awakening
  • 26.04.2024
    Animals on Unconditional Love and Self-Worth

    There is a powerful connection  between animals and humans regarding healing and personal growth. In this article, I talk specifically about the concepts of Unconditional Love and the Feeling of Worthiness. I strongly believe that lack of self-love, the feeling of unworthiness and of not being enough are at the root of most - if not all - diseases and mental and physical health conditions. Animals are wonderful teachers and there is so much that we can learn from them and their innate wisdom.

    Animals, self-worth, personal growth, spirituality, healing, addictions, unconditional love, self-love
  • 23.10.2023
    On forever homes for sled dogs and why putting on hold our re-homing activity

    A topic that I have been pondering for quite a while, and that I wanted to cover if I only could find the right words. Talking about a sensitive subject, that can stir up controversial issues, is always delicate. But let’s be fair, keeping my mouth shut would certainly be the only way to go about it if I really want to play it safe. However, being a people-pleaser or keeping a low profile has never make anything change. I believe that people who follow us and our activities as The Striders Adventures, as well as the public in general, deserve to be informed and get the full picture.

    We got involved in finding new homes for sled dogs, both old and young, during the Covid pandemic. It has meaning then. Many kennels were going through a difficult time, and so many dogs had to find new homes. But now, as I write this, it’s an entire new story.

    Before I get ahead, I want to stress that my intent is not to point the finger at anyone or to tell the good from the bad. I am casting a light on a long-existing situation and questioning my position, and the role played by our Association.

    seld dogs, retirement plan, re-homing, sled dog industry, charity, animal welfare, non-proft
  • 20.10.2023
    Deep Dive into Self-Love & Our True Identity

    What makes us who we are? What is our persona? What is our true Identity? What about self-love?

    How to experience true Unconditional love for ourselves and others? What if we CAN’T stand the identity or persona that we are incarnating?

    Over the past year, I took a deep dive into these concepts that were so foreign and a big question mark for me.

    Spoiler Alert: I found some astonishing, life-changing answers!

    true identity, fears, persona, ego-based, self-love, unconditional love, manifestation, feelings, thoughts, metaphysics
  • 02.03.2023
    Being a Super Human, Blessing or Curse?

    Quite a pretentious title, isn’t it? But bear with me. I think you’ll like it wink

    High Potential, high performer, hyperactive, ADHD, Starseed, highly sensitive, empath, psychic and/or physical abilities above average …whichever of these you’ve been diagnosed, or you relate to, this article has been written for you. This is not a scientific essay and I will not stick to the common, often too restricted labels. I am sharing my own experience as I am sure they are many of us out there, and it might help some of you, and who knows, we can help and support each other in this!

    super human, power of the mind, adventurer mindset, empowerement, new earth, high potential, starseed, AHDH
  • 06.02.2023
    Winter Travel with Animals

    Unexpected Challenge Taken Up!

    I've been travelling many times with my animal tribe. But never in full winter, in extreme conditions. And this year, it happened. Read why and how we and our animal tribe handled this extreme challenge! Spoiler alert: it requested some witchery...

    winter travel, the Striders Adventures, animals, dogs, horse, cat, Norway, Sweden, Europe
  • 21.06.2022
    Summer Solstice - Time for a Major Shift

    Letting go of what is outdated to embrace change and be the New Version of YourSelf

    How I decided to be my own coach, let go of my Old Unhappy Self to embrace my New Identity.

    And how you can do just the same.

  • 31.05.2022
    A Message Meant to Find You

    I had a striking epiphany. 

    A message to those who struggle, feel lost and completely stuck. 

    A post of a different kind today. It’s a message to all those out there who are feeling lost, stuck, powerless, hopeless, with no purpose in life or no way to achieve what they want for themselves

    I had a striking epiphany lately. As of now, I am a different person. A New Me is born. And this New Me wants to share this amazing hindsight with those who need it right now.

    Now, Life, Dark Night of the Soul, epiphany, message
  • 18.05.2022
    Working with the Trust Technique®

    How it is helping us with our pack of 11 adopted huskies

    I got interested in the Trust Technique last winter. The work we had been doing for one year with our adopted sled dogs was paying off. They had already changed so much. Yet, some of them were showing remains of some more serious traumas and fears, as well as some deep rooted conditioning.

    I found the tool that was complementing perfectly my approach to animals. ®

    trust technique, animal communication, outdoor witch, dog, husky, trauma, healing, solving problems
  • 16.05.2022
    Travel with pets story, hindsight & tips

    7500km drive, 6 countries, solo, with one horse & 3 husky dogs

    Travelling solo with three dogs and a horse isn’t an easy task! What was it like? Why did I do it? What did I learn? Find out all about my solo return journey all the way from Switzerland to northen Scandinavia less than a month after having travelled down from Finland with the 12 dogs and cat

    travel with pets, scandinavia, road trip, horse, dogs, the striders adventures
  • 22.02.2022
    Animal Communication: is it just my imagination?

    Are you wondering if animal communication is purely imagination? Or if you are making this up? Is it only your imagination?

    I’ve been there and I totally understand your doubts and where your question comes from.

    In this article, I’m not only going to answer your questions and address your doubts, but I’m also going to give you tips to help you with animal communication and enhance your skills. Read more >>

    animal communicator, animal communication, animal intuitive, imagination, perception, energy, tips and advice
  • 12.02.2022
    Dos & Don'ts - Back to Basics!

    6 things to know and do with your dog(s)!

    Today a short post that I wrote from observing some people and their animals, especially with their dogs.

    We kind of take dogs for granted as so many of us have one or know someone who does, it’s so common, and there’s so many theories, information and other books available. Yet, I think that sometimes we forget some essentials!

    animal communicator, dogs, dos & donts, present moment, perception, power of mind , playful, tips and advice
  • 10.02.2022
    Pack Dogs VS Single Dog

    5 things I’ve learnt from working with huskies

    What is the difference between being the happy owner of one or two dogs…versus living with a dog pack of 12 dogs? What having adopted 10 huskies has changed in my perception of dogs and my relation to them?

    pack dogs, husky, rehome dogs, sled dogs
  • 04.02.2002
    A message for lightworkers and energy healers

    Energy healers, lightworkers: do this for your animals!

    Use all the tools in your hands to help your animal.
    Don’t be afraid to use energy healing!

    Why? Read more to find out...

    energy healing, lightworker, EFT, Emotional Release Technique, animals, holistic treatment,
  • 23.01.2022
    Change your thoughts. Change your animal's behaviour

    How does our conditioning and beliefs impact our animals? 

    Today I want to address a very interesting and important topic. The power of our mind and our thoughts, in relation to our animal friends specifically, and how by changing our beliefs and what we project onto them, we can positively impact them.

    Read or watch/ listen to the video!

    energy healing, power of the mind, manifestation, power of thoughts, beliefs system
  • 20.01.2022
    Solve YOUR ANIMAL behaviour issues by changing YOU

    Our animals, mirrors of beliefs system & personal issues

    Our animals don’t come by chance in our lives.

    They enter our lives to help us learn, grow and/or heal something. And we help them the same way in return. Have you ever noticed how animals and their person often look alike, in character traits, even physically? Sometimes it is quite challenging, and some relationships with a pet or animal friend can take us out of our comfort zone before becoming smooth sailing.

    Find out how you can solve behaviour issues and improve tremendously your relationship with your pet!

    energy healing, behaviour, animal, pet, EFT tapping, issues, power of mind
  • 10.01.2022
    Being in the flow to heal your animals

    How meditating in presence of your animal can help them heal

    Did you know that by spending time in a meditative state with your animal by your side, can actually help them heal from various conditions?

    I work on a daily basis with horses and adopted sled dogs, as well as my own pet dogs and cat. And I can’t count the number of times I get into that state daily when working with them. I actually think that the days I don’t are my “chaotic days” when everything seems to spin out of control!

    Why? How? Read more to find out!

    alpha waves, being in the flow, meditation, healing techniques, communication, animals
  • 14.12.2021

    Let’s go viral! #home4husky 

    Shout out to all the rehomed husky owners. Support the cause by using the hashtag #home4husky under the pictures of your best friend(s) and make sure you tag @thestriders_adventures so we can share it too!

    Let’s go viral with the rehoming of former sled dogs!

    As the word starts spreading among the mushers and working kennels, and that more and more sled dogs are coming to our place for adoption, I think it’s time that the rehoming of huskies and working dogs become VIRAL! Read more

    home4husky, husky welfare, sled dogs, husky paradise, animals, dogs,
  • 28.09.2021
    Sissi, long gone kitty cat come home!

    Sissi, a happy story of a lost cat that came home!

    EFT tapping and Bridge of Light for lost and runaway pets

    In this article, I share the story of Sissi, a little kitty cat who left her home and was gone for more than two weeks. And how she came back after the following communication and energy healing sessions with her.

    For a happy ending story!

    animal communication, energy healing, lost cat, lost pet, surrogate tapping, bridge of light
  • 24.09.2021
    Tapping vs Surrogate Tapping for Animals?

    Today's topic: How to get the best results on animals with EFT tapping? Is direct or surrogate tapping the most efficient?  

    In this article, I want to share my experience with tapping, also called EFT tapping on/with/for our animal friends. 

    Read further or watch the video!

    tapping, fears, pets, energy work, animal communication, EFT tapping, surrogate
  • 01.09.2021
    Quint, or Fear of Thunder & Eye Infection ...gone!

    Here's the story of Quint, a Siberian-Alaskan husky born in 2015, and former sled dog re-homed due to epilepsy episodes and high stress when running.

    I adopted him in November 2020, 6 months after adopting his brother Bobby. He was suffering from separation anxiety and hated being fenced and left alone. He was also extremely scared of thunder and shooting sounds, to the point of destroying everything around him. Also he had an eye infection since the trip back from Finland to Switzerland that wasn’t healing.

    I started working with him with animal communication and energy healing sessions on his fears and specific issues. The results were ok, but not consistent. So I decided to work on his entire history. It changed everything! >>Read the whole story>>

    animal communication, energy healing, fear of thunder, fear of fireworks, trauma, rehomed dog, infection, surrogate tapping
  • 31.03.2021
    5 months as a volunteer in a husky kennel in Finland - feedback and... what's next?

    Version française

    A life-changing experience at Bear Hill Husky 

    Update and feedback on my 5 months of volunteering at Bear Hill Husky - one of my dearest and richest life experiences so far:

    Working as a puppy trainer, getting involved in the rehoming dogs program, discovering the world of mushing, taking part in a first race as a musher, the adoption of 6 more dogs and the decision to devote my non-profit organisation to rehoming and finding new homes for retired sled dogs.... Indeed the past 5 months have been rich and intense!

    Read more on my experience and what's coming next!

    husky welfare , Finland, Lapland, non-profit, fundraising , mushing, volunteering
  • 01.02.2021
    Huskies during pandemic!

    **** Sensitive Topic ****

    What about huskies in time of Covid?

    So you’ve all seen me post pictures of my life here in this amazing country with these beautiful, lovely dogs and dream landscape.
    Indeed, Finland, and for me especially Lapland, is a paradise on Earth. I feel so good and uplifted here, in nature, spending days outside, with the dogs.

    Yet the current reality is way darker. Husky kennels, and especially the dogs, are the first to pay the costs from the absence of tourism.

    That's why I came up with an idea.... Read more!

    husky welfare , Finland, Lapland, non-profit, fundraising , mushing
  • 24.01.2021
    What are your Super Powers?

    What your Saturday looked like ?

    Mine was very outdoorsy and active. Like most of my days.
    Full of dogs, snow, adventures, daily chores, activities and training.

    Because I love it. Because that's the Adventurous lifestyle I've created for myself. 
    Because I can. Because that's what I do best. Using My Super Powers.

    So, what are yours? read more in this light yet (hopefully) uplifting article

    mind and matter, super powers, applied mindset, fun, adventure
  • 05.12.2020
    The "Overcome Your Fear" Challenge

    What fear or limiting belief would you like to overcome?

    If you could... which one of your main fears would you like to challenge and see if it's a real one, or one of these False Evidences Appearing Real?

    Pick one... and read further

    challenge, fears, limiting belief, mindset, empowerment


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