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  • 14.07.2020
    How to shift your Mindset...

    to boost your energy and bounce back from any situation

    What if…
    … Any given reasons are mere excuses that prevent us from doing or being something?
    ...we had the choice to think otherwise and create another reality for ourselves, despite the outer conditions? - any outer condition.
    ...This shift in Mindset was the Key that unlocks the path to the Manifestation of any solution or dream?


    Minset, Resilience, Manifestation, Potential, Resources
  • 26.06.2020
    "Over-healthiness" the new puritanism?

    An article on overhealthiness, (self-)criticism, guilt and addictions

    Food for thought. An article on today's tendency to judge, criticize and condemn ourselves and others for any so-called improper and unhealthy behaviours. Healthiness, the new tyranny?

  • 24.06.2020
    The first step to creating the Life of your dreams

    Ignite the Magic

    In this post and video, I share how to ignite the Magic with the first key element to create the life of your dreams and set yourself free of any unwanted issues. 

  • 14.11.2018
    My Adventure Quest - Part 3

    An uplifting ED recovery story

    My Alchemist recipe to eating disorders recovery. My real healing journey to recover from severe eating disorders and years as a bulimic and create an amazing life!

  • 01.09.2018
    A cleaner mind for a better world

    Clean your thoughts. Clean the Earth.

    How to use our mind and our thoughts to create a cleaner and brighter reality and a better life for yourself. 

  • 30.10.2018
    My Adventure Quest -Part 2

    An uplifting ED recovery story - Part 2

    How an ugly duckling turned into a Snow Queen. My real healing journey to recover from severe ED and years as a bulimic and create an amazing life!

  • 10.10.2018
    My Adventure Quest - Part 1

    An empowering and uplifting journey to eating disorders recovery

    Struggles make the hero. My success story as a recovered bulimic and eating disorders sufferer turned an Outdoor explorer and Life Adventure coach. Part 1



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