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I believe in living Life to its fullest! And I' am truly happy if my story can uplift and help people dare do things that they are passionate about and live to their full potential. 

Adventurer is a state of being and thinking that helps you live your life upon your own terms. With the right mindset, you can enjoy the ride in the midst of change and create an even brighter future for yourself!

Once you shift your Mindset, everything becomes possible.

If I have done it, so can you! Life is happening now! Dive into it! You are ready to open the doors to your Dreams and to turn your life into the extraordinary adventure you deserve! 

How I became an Arctic Adventurer

I wasn't born a talented athlete or an extremely adventurous mind.  For years, I was really average in sports and doing okay in school. Pretty shy by nature, I was never among the cool kids, and always felt that I didn't quite fit in.  As a teenager, animals, especially dogs and horses were my best friends. I developed early on severe eating disorders as, I now know,  a mean to cope with this identity crisis and a highly perfectionist mind.  But my rebel temperament along with a vivid imagination and a certain pride got me through these hard times.

I got a master in Laws, and did post-grade studies in Criminology. I got a series of jobs in Law both in England and Switzerland before being enrolled as a Criminal Officer in Switzerland. Simultaneously, I was training hard to become a stronger runner and self-defense instructor. 

High-achiever, I was appreciated as a collaborator and always got "good marks" from my employers. However, I did it all the hard way, fighting endlessly against my own demons. One day, I couldn't take it anymore. My bulimia and eating disorders were getting worse. Not wanting to burn myself down, I decided to gather my courage and quit my safe job to live what I really felt called to.

Becoming a Real Adventurer

That's how I set off for my first solo expedition, The Alptrekking. And from there, built up my first coaching business RFB Concept, followed by other expeditions and more Arctic adventures and extreme foot races.

  • In 2015, I went on a 700 km solo and unsupported expedition with my two dogs in Northern Scandinavia.
  • In 2015, I also ran my first 150km unsupported Arctic race - a foot race in the midst of the  Finnish Lapland winter.
  • In 2017, I was the first woman to finish the 300km version of that Arctic race. And in 2019, I finish second on foot in the 300km.

In winter 2020, I went on an extreme solo and unsupported expedition in Northern Lapland and covered some 700km on my own, with temperatures  as low as minus 35° Celcius, while pulling a 40kg sled.

And yet, I wasn't born an Adventurer. I had no specific predisposition for sport, long distance  running and extreme conditions until my late twenties.  So how did I manage to set up from scratch such extreme expeditions and become such a tough-skinned outdoorsy girl and self-taught Explorer?

My Mindset. My Mindset made all the difference.

”Adventure starts from the Inside Out. „

Of course, the road wasn't all so  smooth and easy! I had a lot to discover and learn. And still do. About myself. As a coach. As an athlete. As a woman.  Still, looking back, I'm so proud of having got the courage to take these scary steps into the unknown and rock my entire life. I love my Life now!

Yet, I know it could have been easier with the right help at the right time. That's why I am now so thrilled to assist others, who like me a few years ago, want to kick start their Life, but are unsure where or how to start.

Mindset is the key to success and to a more fulfilling life, whatever we have in mind: achieving a specific goal, overcoming a challenge, be it more money, a stronger body, a rocking romantic relationship or a smashing career.  That's what I'm passionate about! With the proper Mindset, you can really move mountains! and navigate the Unknown with much more ease and fun. 

I share more about my personal story in my book An Adventure Quest, from Eating Disorders to Freedom (available on Amazon). You can also read related articles - and more -  on the blog.

My Adventurer Recipe is born from my various personal experiences as a recovered bulimic, self-made entrepreneur and outdoor explorer. 

I hope it will help you find your way to your Dream Life and if you want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you :-)



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