Huskies & Sled dogs for Adoption

In spring, there is always many dogs looking for loving families, as the professional kennels decide which dogs will be retired. The list below might not be updated, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking to adopt a former sled dog!

All the Huskies listed here are wonderful dogs, all suitable for a "classic" home life. Of course, as any adopted or rehomed pet, they will need some time to settle in their new life with you. If you give them that time to adapt, get to know you and trust you, they will become amazing companions.

So far, since end 2019, we have rehomed - or help to rehome - more than 40 dogs. They all made such wonderful stories that it makes us more inspired than ever to keep on with this wonderful sled dogs rehoming project.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the project and dogs for adoption.

Any support is of course always welcome. The more resources we get, the more dogs we can help and the more kennels we can help retiring their dogs. So if you cannot adopt a dog yourself, why not sponsor one?

  • Sunny

    This adorable girl will cheer you up and make your day!

    Sunny is a small Alaskan husky female, born 20.03.2018. Kind and affectionate with people, she is lively and playful.

    Se definitely is a family dog! She just LOVES being at home and hanging around the house, playing and spending time with people. 
    She goes well with male dogs and with most females. She could also absolutely be a single dog. She is used to horses and doesn't pay much attention to cats.

    What she craves for is creating a special bond with her person or family, and being with people. She's been really nice and playful with the kids who we have had here. She is the ideal companion!
    She enjoy going on walks and take part in other leisure activities. She's good for canicross and has a talent for searching and finding things - if these are activities your are interest in. She is also perfectly happy chilling and playing in the garden. She's now totally fine in the house, and really appreciates being inside at night.

    She was born in Alaska and arrived in Finland several years ago. She truly enjoyed being a sled dog, and was very good at it, her energy compensating largely her small built. She now deserves a life full of cuddles, fun and play with her new lucky person

    Once she's used to you, she could easily be walked free as she stays close by her people and is extremely obedient.

    Sunny is currently at our place in Sweden for her "rehoming" training.

    So if you have a house or flat with access to a garden, and SUNNY melts your heart, send us a DM! This adorable little dog deserves tons of love and cuddles! You can contact us via messenger, insta DM or email


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