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Communication and Healing Stories

Sharing success stories is one of my favourite way to inspire, give hope and show that healing and wonderful outcomes are possible!

I share the entire cases, including the method and processes I've used. If these can help you in turn help your own pets and animal companions, so be it.

And if you need help with a particular issue or situation, don't hesitate to contact me for personal support.

Enjoy the read!

  • Quint, Fear of Thunder & Eye Infection

    Here's the story of Quint, a Siberian-Alaskan husky born in 2015, and former sled dog re-homed due to epilepsy episodes and high stress when running.

    I adopted him in November 2020, 6 months after adopting his brother Bobby. He was suffering from separation anxiety and hated being fenced and left alone. He was also extremely scared of thunder and shooting sounds, to the point of destroying everything around him. Also he had an eye infection since the trip back from Finland to Switzerland that wasn’t healing.

    I started working with him with animal communication and energy healing sessions on his fears and specific issues. The results were ok, but not consistent. So I decided to work on his entire history. It changed everything! >>Read the whole story>>

  • Sissi, the return of the Lost Kitty

  • Sparta, or the Fears Be Gone!



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