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Welcome to the Magic World of Animal Communication & Healing!

I offer animal communication and energy work, using approaches similar to tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR, hypnosis, guided meditations and my own mix of energy healing "techniques" and perceptions.

I help rehabilitate animals through learning about their desires, personal history, and guiding them to release any energy blocks that prevent them from living a happy, healthy and free from trauma life with their person. Animals are highly sensitive beings and can react very strongly to apparent minor events.

If I am more often called to work with dogs, cats, and horses, I communicate and do healing session with basically any animal who is willing to talk and be helped.

Some common issues I can help you and your animal with: 

  • Behavior or Health Issues
  • Adopted, Found and Rescued Animal
  • Deceased Animal Communication
  • End of Life Issues
  • Life Changes/Transitions
  • Pet Trauma / PTSD


To contact me

Find the best session for you and your animal!

I offer animal communication, healing sessions, and consultations for behavior, health, and emotional problems mainly through remote work. You can buy a session directly, or contact me if you're not sure which one would be best.

Working from a photo often reduces environmental interference, time, and money. And has the huge advantage to be able to work worldwide! I reply either in writing by email or by sharing a link to an audio recording.

I am passionate about this work and am dedicated to help people understand better their animal companions. It brings me so much joy and purpose! I look forward to being of service to you and your animal friends.

With love,


Policy & Disclaimer

Professionalism, honesty and integrity are extremely important value to me. I always work with the greatest respect for all the beings involved. I do not communicate with animals without the permission from their owner. I also always ask the animal if she/he's willing to talk and I will act accordingly. Like humans, animals have different personalities, and some are talkative, some are not. However, usually animals are more than happy to be given a chance to talk and to be heard.
Professional confidentiality applies. The content or result of a communication will only be shared with the animal's person(s).

Please, always seek advice from a professional veterinarian if you have any doubt about your animal's physical health or condition. Often a vet diagnosis can help do the energy work in a more accurate way. Let’s work all together for a better quality of life for both animals and humans.

  • My Work

    I share many cases based on the work with my own tribe, made of a horse, 9 dogs and a three-legged cat. They all are adopted or found animals, from very different backgrounds, with different needs. Issues can also appear later on, just because, as we are, animals are living beings, with emotions, feelings, having various experiences that affect them in different ways. Whenever you work with living beings, things are never black and white. Many factors coming into play and sometimes, the solution can be found easily, and sometimes it takes more patience and time. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming or frustrating. I know. I’ve been there so many times! That’s why I want to share my struggles or lack of progress, so you don’t give up at the first setbacks. 

  • I have a dream...

    I’m sharing freely my work with animals because I have a dream. My dream is to help humans understand better their animals and the animal kingdom. This way pain, unnecessary stress, blocks and other issues related to mutual misunderstanding can be alleviated for the peace and happiness for both humans and animals. I believe that we are meant to work hand in hand with Nature and the Animal Kingdom to make the planet a better world. Happier animals make happier people and vice versa.

  •  On the method

    I want to stress that I am using my own channelling and healing techniques, developed after many years of practice and studies, some freely inspired by renowned techniques such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EMDR or EFT tapping (emotional freedom techniques). The tools and techniques used in the free protocols you can find on this website should help you enhance your experience with your animals, not diminish it. Take what resonates with you, your values and beliefs, and leave the rest. Be kind with your animal, yourself and this community.

  • Copyrights & Ethics

    I share guidelines, some principles as well as case studies freely, so you can too try and help your best animal friend feel better.

    I ask you to respect my work and not reproduce it for commercial purposes. You can use the content freely for your personal purposes. Tag me @outdoor_witch and @thestriders_adventures on Instagram, and/or mention the source when posting on social media, on the web or in any other media or support. I trust you. Thank you.


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