Here you'll find the podcasts I've been on, regarding different topics such as expeditions and Arctic races, eating disorders recovery, mindset and overcoming challenges!

  • On Arctic races and Expeditions

    The Pursuit Zone

    "She is a Swiss outdoor explorer that likes the challenge of winter adventure.  She has competed in 2 arctic winter races in Finland, the Rovaniemi 150 and 300, as well as the Arrowhead 135 winter endurance race in northern Minnesota.  In February 2020 she set out on an expedition called Arctic 1000, a 1000 km solo and unsupported trek in Lapland, the northern most region of Finland.  Rachel Frei Bandieri, welcome to The Pursuit Zone. >>"

  • On mindset and overcoming challenges

    A Podcast that inspires teenagers and young adults

    Ujana, a teenager's journey to self love

    Rachel Frei Bandieri, Outdoor Explorer, Author and Mindset Mentor shares her story about battling with eating disorders. in her teens and adulthood,. A mean to cop with an identity crisis. - trying to fit in.

    Following her true passion after leaving her career in law enforcement, Rachel  is now healed. She shares many powerful tips, insights and advice along the way."

    Visit Ujana website - there're so many inspiring and uplifiting stories there! 

  • Speaking of Love - The Podcast

    A podcast on hope, love and spreading empowering messages

    "Rachel Frei shares a candid discussion about her book, “An Adventure Quest, from Eating Disorders to Freedom” (available on Amazon). Rachel shares her various personal experiences as a recovered bulimic, self-made entrepreneur and outdoor explorer."

    Check the Speaking Of Love other episodes and feel uplifted!


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