The Outdoor Witch

From "girl-next-door" to  Outdoor Explorer, Animal Intuitive & Life Adventurer

The short story

The Striders Adventures

Coming from an academic background, I quit a safe and comfy career in law enforcement to live my passion for the outdoors and nature. Years later,  I'm now an accomplished extreme athlete and Arctic adventurer, who successfully recovered from severe eating disorders. Happy owner of two adopted dogs, one magical cat (for real!) and a beautiful Iberian mare, I'm now also in charge of 7 adopted Alaskan huskies and travel with them as The Striders Adventures through Europe, with a clear predilection for Scandinavian countries!

Because I have been there and know how scary it is, I am passionate about sharing my story and helping others to dare step into the unknown and live the life of their dreams.

After several months spent working with sled dogs in northern Finland, I had an epiphany:

Animal communication blended with animal energy healing to help other animal owners and lovers understand their animal friends better and provide useful, practical tools to solve behavioural issues, fears and traumas. This is the work I really wanted to do.

My relationship with my animal friends means more than I can explain. There are my friends, family and teachers ever since I was born. I've always been communicating with animals, but didn't think it was something I could make a living of, and for many years I struggled trying to do everything: my work, taking care of my always growing number of animals, my personal life, setting up expeditions... It was exhausting!

Until I decided to combine my work as a life coach and my work with animals . I had found a way to blend my skills as a life coach, energy healer, animal communicator and love for the animal kingdom that is fun, purposeful and bring amazing results.

Fear of thunder. Anxiety separation. Chronic diseases. Unpleasant behaviour. Traumatic event. … the method I have developed and fine-tuned with my own pack made of adopted, rescued or re-homed animals works. I want to share it so more pet owners and animal lovers can benefit from it for their own animal companions. 

My own animal friends - horse, cat, dogs - and all the animals I met and talked to, have tremendously helped me go down that path and I cannot thanks them enough for being such amazing teachers and friends! 

I am passionate about this work, it brings me so much joy! I hope that you and your animal companion(s) will benefit from my own experience and the tools I can provide, and I wish you the most wonderful life together.

To read the extended version of my story as an Adventurer



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