Unleash your Inner Hero

When Adventure calls you

  • Do you feel called to change some areas of your life that you’re not happy about, but don’t really know where to start?
  • Are you trying to figure out what sparks you up? what makes you feel happy and awesome? what you really want for yourself?

It all seems too scary, too overwhelming, to unclear and confusing...

...yet something inside you tells you that you can do it. That it’s possible. That's there's more waiting for you in this life. If only you dare to take that first step into the Unknown…

I’m here to guide you on this New Life Adventure!

My goal is to be there, on your side, on this fantastic journey. You don’t need to feel lost, alone, with your doubts and fears. Believe me, I’ve been there. I know how hard and overwhelming it can appear. And when alone, it can really be…

  • Setting myself free of eating disorders after several attempts and relapses...
  • Setting up my first solo Arctic 700km expedition without prior major experience...
  • Taking my horse, cat and dogs on a 3'000km road trip for the first time...
  • Writing and publishing my first book...

All this was scary. Yet I felt called to do it and that feeling would not go away. And not only did it all became true, but in far better ways than I expected!

Adventurer is a Mindset available to Everyone. Everyone starts as a Beginner Adventurer!

  • Are you trying to figure out

    • What do you want for yourself?
    • What kind of life do you dream of?
    • What sparks you up?

    Do you feel the Call of Change but you don't know

    • what to do with this idea that is calling you relentlessly?
    • where or how to start?
    • how to be clear on what you want?

    There's a way. The Adventurer Mindset Golden Rules can help you get what and where you want to.

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  • Do It Your Way

    Are you looking for resources that can guide you, while letting you the freedom to learn and to do it your way? Awesome!

    My free guides Dealing with Life Challenges, My 5-step Recipe  and The Adventurer Mindset, my book An Adventure Quest, my blog and my Youtube channel are full of information and just made for you! 

    Take what you need from these resources and walk your Path at your own pace, freely.

  • On Your Adventure Quest

    Would you like personal support to overcome a personal challenge (food disorders, fears or limiting issues) and to take that first step towards creating a Life that really feels good to you?

    I'm here to take you there! Together, we'll create a brighter future for yourself. 

    • implement deeper changes in your life
    • implement life-changing habits and mindset

    I promise you the very best of my Life Adventurer experience to assist you in reaching your goal(s)

    Send me an email with your questions and request! I can't wait to connect

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