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  • 10.01.2022
    Being in the flow to heal your animals

    How meditating in presence of your animal can help them heal

    Did you know that by spending time in a meditative state with your animal by your side, can actually help them heal from various conditions?

    I work on a daily basis with horses and adopted sled dogs, as well as my own pet dogs and cat. And I can’t count the number of times I get into that state daily when working with them. I actually think that the days I don’t are my “chaotic days” when everything seems to spin out of control!

    Why? How? Read more to find out!

    alpha waves, being in the flow, meditation, healing techniques, communication, animals
  • 14.12.2021

    Let’s go viral! #home4husky 

    Shout out to all the rehomed husky owners. Support the cause by using the hashtag #home4husky under the pictures of your best friend(s) and make sure you tag @thestriders_adventures so we can share it too!

    Let’s go viral with the rehoming of former sled dogs!

    As the word starts spreading among the mushers and working kennels, and that more and more sled dogs are coming to our place for adoption, I think it’s time that the rehoming of huskies and working dogs become VIRAL! Read more

    home4husky, husky welfare, sled dogs, husky paradise, animals, dogs,
  • 28.09.2021
    Sissi, long gone kitty cat come home!

    Sissi, a happy story of a lost cat that came home!

    EFT tapping and Bridge of Light for lost and runaway pets

    In this article, I share the story of Sissi, a little kitty cat who left her home and was gone for more than two weeks. And how she came back after the following communication and energy healing sessions with her.

    For a happy ending story!

    animal communication, energy healing, lost cat, lost pet, surrogate tapping, bridge of light
  • 24.09.2021
    Tapping vs Surrogate Tapping for Animals?

    Tapping vs Surrogate Tapping for Animals

    Today's topic: How to get the best results on animals with EFT tapping? Is direct or surrogate tapping the most efficient?  

    In this article, I want to share my experience with tapping, also called EFT tapping on/with/for our animal friends. 

    Read further or watch the video!

    tapping, fears, pets, energy work, animal communication, EFT tapping, surrogate
  • 01.09.2021
    Quint, or Fear of Thunder & Eye Infection ...gone!

    Here's the story of Quint, a Siberian-Alaskan husky born in 2015, and former sled dog re-homed due to epilepsy episodes and high stress when running.

    I adopted him in November 2020, 6 months after adopting his brother Bobby. He was suffering from separation anxiety and hated being fenced and left alone. He was also extremely scared of thunder and shooting sounds, to the point of destroying everything around him. Also he had an eye infection since the trip back from Finland to Switzerland that wasn’t healing.

    I started working with him with animal communication and energy healing sessions on his fears and specific issues. The results were ok, but not consistent. So I decided to work on his entire history. It changed everything! >>Read the whole story>>

    animal communication, energy healing, fear of thunder, fear of fireworks, trauma, rehomed dog, infection, surrogate tapping
  • 31.03.2021
    5 months as a volunteer in a husky kennel in Finland - feedback and... what's next?

    Version française

    A life-changing experience at Bear Hill Husky 

    Update and feedback on my 5 months of volunteering at Bear Hill Husky - one of my dearest and richest life experiences so far:

    Working as a puppy trainer, getting involved in the rehoming dogs program, discovering the world of mushing, taking part in a first race as a musher, the adoption of 6 more dogs and the decision to devote my non-profit organisation to rehoming and finding new homes for retired sled dogs.... Indeed the past 5 months have been rich and intense!

    Read more on my experience and what's coming next!

    husky welfare , Finland, Lapland, non-profit, fundraising , mushing, volunteering
  • 01.02.2021
    Huskies during pandemic!

    **** Sensitive Topic ****

    What about huskies in time of Covid?

    So you’ve all seen me post pictures of my life here in this amazing country with these beautiful, lovely dogs and dream landscape.
    Indeed, Finland, and for me especially Lapland, is a paradise on Earth. I feel so good and uplifted here, in nature, spending days outside, with the dogs.

    Yet the current reality is way darker. Husky kennels, and especially the dogs, are the first to pay the costs from the absence of tourism.

    That's why I came up with an idea.... Read more!

    husky welfare , Finland, Lapland, non-profit, fundraising , mushing
  • 24.01.2021
    What are your Super Powers?

    What your Saturday looked like ?

    Mine was very outdoorsy and active. Like most of my days.
    Full of dogs, snow, adventures, daily chores, activities and training.

    Because I love it. Because that's the Adventurous lifestyle I've created for myself. 
    Because I can. Because that's what I do best. Using My Super Powers.

    So, what are yours? read more in this light yet (hopefully) uplifting article

    mind and matter, super powers, applied mindset, fun, adventure
  • 05.12.2020
    The "Overcome Your Fear" Challenge

    What fear or limiting belief would you like to overcome?

    If you could... which one of your main fears would you like to challenge and see if it's a real one, or one of these False Evidences Appearing Real?

    Pick one... and read further

    challenge, fears, limiting belief, mindset, empowerment
  • 03.10.2020
    How to make the Right Decision?

    Do's & Don'ts - and an exercise!

    This is one of our biggest challenges in life and it comes back again and again. 

    How to make the right decision? How to know whether it is really the best choice? How to be sure?

    Let me share with you my do's & don'ts to help you make you the right decision every single time!

    Decision, choices, do's & don'ts, how to, right, reasons, solution, alignement, intuition, inner guidance
  • 29.09.2020
    The Adventurer Mindset

    Set your mind for success and happiness

    Adventurer is a Mindset that helps you deal with challenges and uncertainty.

    With the right mindset, you can enjoy the ride in the midst of change and create an even brighter future for yourself!

    What is it? Where does it come from? With a new video and a little gift for you! Find out more >>

    mindset, adventurer mindset, empower, inspiration, success, happiness, deal with challenges, life, beginner's guide
  • 14.07.2020
    How to shift your Mindset...

    to boost your energy and bounce back from any situation

    What if…
    … Any given reasons are mere excuses that prevent us from doing or being something?
    ...we had the choice to think otherwise and create another reality for ourselves, despite the outer conditions? - any outer condition.
    ...This shift in Mindset was the Key that unlocks the path to the Manifestation of any solution or dream?


    Minset, Resilience, Manifestation, Potential, Resources
  • 26.06.2020
    "Over-healthiness" the new puritanism?

    An article on overhealthiness, (self-)criticism, guilt and addictions

    Food for thought. An article on today's tendency to judge, criticize and condemn ourselves and others for any so-called improper and unhealthy behaviours. Healthiness, the new tyranny?

  • 24.06.2020
    The first step to creating the Life of your dreams

    Ignite the Magic

    In this post and video, I share how to ignite the Magic with the first key element to create the life of your dreams and set yourself free of any unwanted issues. 

  • 14.11.2018
    My Adventure Quest - Part 3

    An uplifting ED recovery story

    My Alchemist recipe to eating disorders recovery. My real healing journey to recover from severe eating disorders and years as a bulimic and create an amazing life!

  • 01.09.2018
    A cleaner mind for a better world

    Clean your thoughts. Clean the Earth.

    How to use our mind and our thoughts to create a cleaner and brighter reality and a better life for yourself. 

  • 30.10.2018
    My Adventure Quest -Part 2

    An uplifting ED recovery story - Part 2

    How an ugly duckling turned into a Snow Queen. My real healing journey to recover from severe ED and years as a bulimic and create an amazing life!

  • 10.10.2018
    My Adventure Quest - Part 1

    An empowering and uplifting journey to eating disorders recovery

    Struggles make the hero. My success story as a recovered bulimic and eating disorders sufferer turned an Outdoor explorer and Life Adventure coach. Part 1



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