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The Adventurer Mindset

Set your mind for success and happiness

Adventurer is a state of Mind

A mind-expanding Adventure!

The Adventure I take you on here is a "Mind" one. A mind-blowing adventure!  It is definitely not limited to outdoorsy people or only valid for real adventures. It is far more than that! And can be applied by anybody who is willing to consider Life, and everything it is made of, from a more empowering perspective.

Adventurer is a Mindset that helps you deal with challenges and uncertainty.

With the right mindset, you can enjoy the ride in the midst of change and create an even brighter future for yourself!

Where does the Adventurer Mindset come from?

The Adventurer Mindset is born from my experience on the different solo expeditions and outdoor adventures I have set up and done, but also from my successes and failures in my career and personal life.

The Adventurer Mindset Golden Formula

I realised that there was a certain number of elements that were present every single time I succeeded and that led me to reach my goal(s). I’ve called it the Adventurer Mindset Golden Formula.

If the Formula has clarified and evolved over time, it is the same basis I have successfully used...

-> For extreme physical challenges like unsupported Arctic races or solo expeditions.
-> To recover from years of eating-disorders
-> To get the job as a Criminal Officer that I wanted
-> To pass difficult exams and qualifications
-> To set up from scratch my Arctic 1000 expedition in less than a year and bring all my 4-legged tribe on a 3’000km-long journey through Europe in winter.
-> To get the amazing house we wanted without having the necessary funds!

Every single time, all these special ingredients were there.

Whenever one of these ingredients were missing, I either failed or struggled my way through.

Thinking and acting this way has improved my Life in so many ways! It totally rocked my world and had positive and unexpected impacts on the people around me.

If it was (and is) working for me, it could certainly work for and serve others! So, I started to share it… and oh boy, it went way beyond my expectations.   

“By shifting your Mindset, everything becomes possible”

The Adventurer Mindset in short

- > It is a way of thinking and of approaching life, challenges, goals in a way that set you up for success, better health, and more happiness.

- > It is a Mindset that helps you turn things around, make the most of any situation and positively impact all those around you

-> It is an empowering and uplifting way of living and interacting with Life and others

-> It doesn’t require any skill or specific talent.

-> It is applicable to virtually any situation!

-> It helps you navigate through uncertainty, hardship, or difficult times

-> It helps you create the Life of your dream while enjoying the current conditions

-> It makes you feel in charge, happier and energised!

-> It turns any new goal, challenge, idea… well, your daily life into an amazing Adventure!

And it is available to you, right there, just as you are!

A Beginner's Guide for you!

In this free guidebook, you can access the Essentials of the Adventurer Mindset. I kept them as clear and simple as possible so you can start implement them in your own life, for real situations. Give it a try! and let me know how it goes for you :-)

For as long as I can remember, I've always had a very vivid imagination. I love epic fantasy tales and magic! Since I've started thinking and living with this state of mind, life looks just like one extraordinary epic tale! Things unfold in amazing ways, as if by Magic! 

I truly wish that it will bring as much magic and wonderful things in your life too!

Your Beginner's Guide

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