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The "Overcome Your Fear" Challenge

The "Overcome your Fear" Challenge

What fear or limiting belief would you like to overcome?

If you could... which one of your main fears would you like to challenge? Which one would be so great to overcome and call history?

Imagine that you are only a few steps away from setting yourself free of one of those crippling beliefs that limits your potential, drains your energy... which one would you pick first?

Name one! The first that comes to mind. Because it's probably the one that you're most ready to challenge right now. 

What if challenging fears and limiting beliefs could make you happier?

Well, I'm obviously talking here about those "false" fears and beliefs! If you scared of jumping off a cliff without parachute, good on you - that's a healthy one! lol

I'm talking here about those False Evidences Appearing Real - fears and beliefs that look very real, very scary, impossible to overcome but that in the end have no other substance than the stories we tell ourselves in our head. 

They can have minor importance... or be truly impairing your daily life. Fears like driving on the snow, going for a run alone by night, speaking in public, talking your mind, setting healthy boundaries or... changing career, starting a new course, quitting a job, etc. These fears are countless and always very personal. 

I believe that the fears and limiting beliefs we have are there to help us grow and become more... more self-reliable, bolder, happier, empowered, prouder, more free, more confident. 

They are part of our quest, our life challenges, which make each fear, each limiting belief so personal and also so important to face. 

Practice what you preach

Lately, I took a series of decisions that pushed me to go and challenge some of my own major and minor fears. I was damned scared! Yet, either I stayed where I was - and I knew it wouldn't make me feel good, or I dared step out of my comfort zone and do it, whatever fears and doubts I had and see where it would take me...

Fast forward two months...and now I can tell you, it's truly the best decisions I could have ever made! It's been intense for sure, but so rewarding, and in so many ways!!!!

So over the past two months, here are some of my limiting beliefs I successfully overcome:

  • Deciding to travel in times of corona for an undetermined period, to go work as a volunteering job in Finland – why not?! 
  • Driving from Switzerland to Finland, alone, with my Toyota Land Cruiser, the horse trailer, the horse and one of my dogs mid-November
    Read the story on my Adventure blog
  • Changing from winter to stud tyres on my Toyota Land Cruiser “ Thor” alone, right before the snow comes, on the ground close to my horse stables! For me it was definitely the scariest of all!!!
  • Moving Ola from stables early December and driving the trailer on snow and ice. Watch the movie on Youtube

Yes, I was crippled with fears and doubts. For me. For the well-being of my dog and horse. About my skills. For all kinds of reasons.... Yes, I prepared well. But then, I had to give it a go. Leave the warm comfort of Known Territory. Jump into the unknown. Set off on that Adventure. 

And oh boy, it was worth it.

I'm now in Finland, working in a wonderful Husky paradise, in the dream snowy landscape that I love so much and both my dog and horse are thriving in their new environment. 

Watch the Life at the Kennel video series

Bear Hill Husky, Sinetänsalmi, Rovaniemi, Finland

Yes, there's still a lot of uncertainty. But of all my fears, none was actual real. Yes, it required from me to be focused and prepared. I had to do what it takes. But then, it was all much easier than what my mind had imagined!

I'm so grateful for these fears now! Because they helped me feel much stronger and proud of myself. I would never ever thought I could do these things, only a few months ago. 

The secret key 

As you see, these fears were specific to me. You certainly have totally different ones, for totally different reasons. I felt called, pushed, dragged (!) to challenge them because I so wanted the potentially amazing discoveries I would make and/or the feel good feeling I would get once I passed them:

  • being able to spend a magical winter in Finland working with dogs
  • finding a great place for my horse - if she's happy, I'm happier! and it's a relief
  • feeling so awesome and living one of my biggest dreams
  • more safety on the road 

"To succeed in challenging your fear and limiting belief, you must get something out of it. Something awesome. Something that is priceless, like peace of mind, happiness, confidence, feeling more secured, feeling outrageously good, etc. Otherwise, you will give up. The call won't be strong enough to carry you all the way through. "

Up for it? 

It's your turn now! Time to move some crippling beliefs out of your way and feel empowered! You can do so much more than you think! You are able to accomplish amazing things!

So what fear are you ready to overcome? 

Come on! Give it a go! Comment below, tell me about your fear and challenges.  And then, just do it. Wake up these amazing resources hidden deep down inside of you. 


If you have a fear, it means you can overcome it.

Challenge your limits, don't limit your challenges

PS. If you'd like some further help to overcome some crippling beliefs or fear, check out my free ebooks , grab a copy of my book , go for my Morning boost course (10 days to help you kick start your day and shift your mindset) or contact me for 1:1 coaching sessions . You are meant to shine!!

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