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What are your Super Powers?

Talking about Super Powers

What your Saturday looked like ?

Mine was very outdoorsy and active. Like most of my days.

It started with my morning run (today more of a morning walk as the snow was so deep!) with my rehomed huskies, Bobby and Quint, followed by my work at the husky kennel – cleaning, feeding, working with the puppies, preparing dogs and sleds for guests (yes, there are a few..!), taking care of the dogs to rehome and the oldies.

And then it was time to go see Ola, my horse. She’s in a stable some 45km away from the kennel, so I use the driving time to catch up on calls, podcasts, or just relax a bit. Doing the stable work, preparing Ola’s food, hay, doing her daily care and taking her for a fun ride in the snow is part of what I do nearly every day; I usually skip one day per week, to avoid the long drive and extra hours to attend to office work.  

Today was magical! with all the fresh snow and cold wind, Ola was flying !

After the drive back, and dinner, I put my skis on and took Bob and Quint out for their evening run.  Another awesome time out there with them, under the moonlight.

That’s what my Sat looked like. And most of my days, with different activities, of course. But nearly always busy and active.

Am I showing off? Maybe yes. Because I think we all should. Because I love that lifestyle and it fits me. We should all love and be proud of our lives and the lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves, however different it might be for every single one of us.

Picture credit Joel Forsman Photography

What are your super powers?

I can do long hours of work or training, outdoor, in tough conditions. Especially if it involves animals! My body – and my mind! seem to appreciate it. I feel far more energised and less tired with that lifestyle than when I was working in a more regular job. I guess it’s one of my strengths. I’d even say one of my Super Powers. And instead of minimizing it, I am now very grateful and proud of what my mind and body are able to accomplish every day, with so much ease!

What are your strengths? What are you able to do for hours without ever been tired, or without getting bored? 

Mind With Matter

Of course, there are times or days where I feel overwhelmed or tired. It’s for me the sign that I need a break, a rest, and it’s totally fine. But it never lasts long, as I truly enjoy what I do. I often hear people talking about “Mind over Matter”. I guess this works for some people. For me, it’s more Mind with Matter. Listening to the needs of my body and working along with it works far better for me. I love to amplify and develop my physical abilities using my mind power, yet with respect and love for my physical body. I take it as a game, see what I can do, .how far I can go. After all we’ve been through together, my body is definitely my best and most loyal and resilient friend. It deserves my total admiration and respect!!!

I’m curious: what’s your mantra, if any? How do you communicate with your own body? How do you perceive it?

Inner Speech – Demon or Guardian Angel?

I’ve also realised that very often, it’s my inner negative speech and thoughts that actually get me tired, upset or overwhelmed. Let’s put it this way: when I talk rubbish about myself, others or situations, I burnt down my energy and feel down, lacking motivation, upset or totally lost.

Some days, the same negative thoughts or criticisms keep coming back, and I can’t seem to be able to focus my attention on anything positive. It’s one of these days when I know I need to take a break, stop trying to shift my thoughts, take extra care of myself, take time alone or with my fur friends and RESET. As if I need sometimes to feel sorry for myself, complain, feel miserable, unworthy, whatever….and give myself a break. However unpleasant, this too shall pass.

And it always does. I know, That’s my reset button. And being aware of that natural process makes these “low energy” days much easier. And I’m far nicer with myself than I used to…

Do you have a reset method or process? How nice are you to yourself when you feel low?

 Just some thoughts I wanted to share. My Applied Adventurer Mindset LOL

Oh my! by the time, I’m done writing this, it’s already Sunday! So what is your Sunday going to look like?

Mine will probably be full of dogs, coffee, snow and FUN!

Hugs from Rovaniemi, Finland

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