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Solve YOUR ANIMAL behaviour issues by changing YOU

Solve YOUR ANIMAL behaviour issues by changing YOU

Our animals, mirrors of beliefs system & personal issues

Our animals don’t come by chance in our lives.

They enter our lives to help us learn, grow and/or heal something. And we help them the same way in return. We can have similar history, past wounds, similar needs. Have you ever noticed how animals and their person often look alike, in character traits, even physically? Our animals are here to wake us up to more, further, deeper feelings, experiences, you name it. They always make us better people - if we accept to learn from them, and not simply break them down and try to control them despite what they are trying to show us in their own way. Sometimes it is quite challenging, and some relationships with a pet or animal friend can take us out of our comfort zone before becoming smooth sailing. I believe that we have soul contracts with the ones who enter our lives, and the more I work with animals and their people, the more I feel this strongly.

Now think of a problem or issue you’re facing with your animal friend.

And consider this: What repetitive thoughts do you hold regarding your animal? Are there any issues, unwanted behaviours that your pet does/has, etc that you keep thinking about or beat the drum about? It can be something big or some petty matter. What are you putting your attention and energy to when it comes to your animal? Because, as whatever you put energy to, it will grow. So if your pet has any behaviour or other issue that triggers you, it certainly is for a good reason. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to become aware of a thought pattern you have - and they kind of push you to do something about it, to become aware of it, and let it go. Heal it. Overcome it. 

An example

Now let’s say you are dealing with a behaviour issue with your young male dog. He’s constantly barking and jumping at strangers while on a walk, and is even worse when visitors come to your place. Your cute little pup turns into a monster whenever strangers are around and nothing you do seems to help. This behaviour annoys you. Maybe you feel embarrassed, upset, worried, frustrated or even totally hopeless regarding his behaviour. And it seems to be only getting worse. The more you’re trying to figure out what to do with that problem, the worse it gets. You start dreading meeting other people on your walks, try to adapt your walking hours to make sure you’ll meet as little dog walkers as possible…You see the picture. Things can really turn into a vicious down spiral…You consider working with an animal trainer to solve the behaviour, or maybe you have already. And it seems to work so much better with the trainer than with you.


The behaviour in this example is a mechanism defence that is activated in your animal whenever a similar situation occurs. Your animal feels endangered or/and that it needs to protect you from a threat. The meaning is different for other behaviours, obviously

The behaviour first started for a reason that resonated within both of you, that was already there in both of you - your pet and yourself. And the unwanted behaviour keeps escalating as your animal's reaction is triggering something also active in you. So instead of calming the situation, you are in a way amplifying the behaviour. Of course, this is totally unconscious. And it isn’t about making you feel guilty. No, not at all, that’d be useless…and guilt makes things worse! It’s only to understand how the mirror mechanism works. Your pet’s unwanted behaviour is a red flag, asking you to pay attention to something active in you, that isn’t serving you… Once you become aware of this pattern and are able to “break” it, you will be able to help in turn your animal and correct this unwanted behaviour. 

Identifying the root cause is key

The key there is to find the root feeling/s that this behaviour or issue wakes up in you. How does it resonate, how do you feel when your animal is having this unpleasant behaviour? Is it fear, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, etc.? Here are some other questions to ask yourself to help you find the cause: Do you feel often victimised, belittled or lacking respect? What about saying no and placing healthy boundaries? These are only a few clues. The answer will be different for everyone. And will be different depending on the issue. 

You can pause the video and take some time to think of the issue at hand, and what feelings it triggers in you. Write them down. 

Now let’s work on the root cause. What’s the oldest memory in your personal history you have of this feeling being triggered? Maybe you know straight away. If not, let me show you an easy way to find out. You can pause the video after the instructions to do it at your own pace. Take a deep breath. Relax your body. And close your eyes. Now let the feeling - or the first feeling if they are several - come up, briefly. Once you have it, what first memory comes to mind? What’s the first thing, event, situation, person/s you think of? Don’t judge or question it. The one that comes to mind? Open your eyes and write it down. If there were more than one feeling or emotion, repeat the process. Then before you move on to the rest , I want you to take a deep breath in…. and hold it…hold it…and breathe out. Now think of something you love about your animal, something fun, funny…or cute.. Smile. Then take another deep breath in, breathe out…and open your eyes. 

Releasing to initiate change

Once you are aware of the feelings triggered by your animal and the oldest or strongest memory related to it, you can do the release work. Start with yourself first. You can use any releasing technique you know. It can be using EFT tapping, forgiveness exercises, reprogramming using the Silva Mind method, quantum jump meditations for more complex matters…they are several exercises you can find and do to heal these triggers in yourself. 

Once this is done, see how your animal behaviour evolves over the next few days. Notice any small change. Notice how your own reactions to their behaviour change. You will be surprised.

Next, you can do the same energy release work for your pet, using similar techniques. So you’re working on both ends: you and them. You will both heal and release memories. Again, notice how the situation evolves. Be patient, let the healing sink in and do its work. 

The behaviour can diminish, change, even totally stop. If it doesn’t stop completely, complete the energy work by doing some standard training work. It will be far more efficient than any training you have done before. The triggers being gone in both of you, it will be mere re-learning, a simple learnt behaviour correction. You no longer give energy to something that has lost power or importance for you. Your pet's reaction might even not bother you so much anymore and soon it will disappear on its own. And if not, you will be able to correct it with training, without adding emotions, "energy" to it. You are not feeding the problem anymore. And without food, it cannot last. 

Knowing this has literally changed my perception and relation to my animals. We make faster progress and when behavioral problems occur, they disappear much faster. I take full responsibility when something doesn't work well, being aware of my own part in the game.

I'm curious to hear your own experience and feedback. And if you have any issues that you cannot figure out on your own, I'm here to help you and your animal progress!

Best of luck,

The Witch

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