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The Adventurer Mindset

  Since my early 20s, I have heard on and on people commenting on me being very active and my high energy level. Then they would compare themselves, finding reasons why I was so and they were not: “you’ll see when you’ll reach my age”, “...when you’ll work full time”, “ have responsibility, kids, back pain, etc.” you name it! For many years, I thought that yes, maybe that was true…and often I would feel somehow guilty or “too much”. 

Now, years later, I’m of course much older, still doing as much as when I was 25 and feeling better than ever in my body and mind… Yet I keep hearing the same both younger and older people than me..!

So what’s the trick? Is it merely down to luck and a naturally good condition? Really? I once wrote an article “A cleaner mind for a better world” that was a first approach on this topic. I thought it was worth going a bit further on the matter ;-)

Let me start with a short story

     When I was 14, I was accidentally kicked by a horse in the abdomen and was severely injured. I had to undergo emergency surgery as the internal bleeding was important. It was a life-threatening situation, and as the accident happened in a small village in the remote French countryside, there was no other option than to take me to the small local hospital. Yet despite the seriousness of the condition, I was extremely lucky: the surgeon did an amazing job, my smashed spleen was saved (which is pretty rare); my parents were allowed to stay all the time with me as it was a small local hospital and the whole family ended up coming over to spend the summer holidays there. It happened mid-July. End August, I was horse riding again. And in September I was able to resume my modern-jazz class - even if with some caution the first weeks.

Was it all just luck? My young age? My good overall condition?

At first I thought so. But looking back, and reviewing other events in my life, I realized that there’s far more to it. Something that made it possible for me to see the “lucky”, positive elements in that painful situation, to seize the opportunity and bounce back. Something that led me to recover completely and pretty quickly, and become physically stronger than before. Something that didn’t want me to be considered as a poor little thing, a weakened, fragile teenager. Something that didn’t want to be put in a “box” or labelled.

That something was my Mindset.

The Adventurer Mindset.

Shift the Perspective

What if…

… Any given reasons are mere excuses that prevent us from doing or being something?

Some are part of the limiting beliefs that are instilled in our minds as we grow up. Some are cultural. Some are born from our life experiences - whether they are related to physical condition, emotions, failures, or successes... Very often, these excuses are so common and wide-spread that they are socially accepted and even reinforced and encouraged by others who are experiencing the same and can relate to you…

Age, family responsibilities, finances, body conditions…

Very often we aren’t even aware of them. Or let’s rather say that we let these excuses and reasons dictate our life experience, because we are not taught to use our minds in a better way.

What if…

...we had the choice to think otherwise and create another reality for ourselves, despite the outer conditions? - any outer condition.

When I was 14, I didn’t want to be considered a victim of these events, and thought only about my horse, being able to get back on his back as soon as possible and start my ballet class in time. I chose to recover quickly. I chose to work as hard as I could in school not to repeat the grade. Despite the pain, despite the awful red and swollen scar that would forever be displayed on my abdomen, despite having missed a lot of classes in school for several months, despite having teachers and people in my surrounding not believing I would succeed, I did it.

Why? How come?

Because I had goals.
Because I knew I could.
And put all my energy towards them.

I was only 14 and totally oblivious of all this, at least in these terms. I simply didn’t want to be limited in my actions by anyone else’s opinion about me. I didn't want to be stopped by the fears and limits of adults. 

The same mindset has accompanied and guided me. Except that now, I’m fully aware of the mechanism, which makes it even more powerful. And I have fine-tuned it over time, and keep doing so. I find it so interesting to play and explore the power of our minds!

 Of course I had setbacks, went through hard times and failures. But I also had, - have and will have (!) - successes, fun challenges and happy stories. Like everyone else. Because we all are humans, with ups and downs as part of the beauty and challenges of our experience. But this Adventurer Mindset has always served me in the most beautiful ways, allowing me to bounce back and create my Life as I dream and envision it.

What if...

...This shift in Mindset was the Key that unlocks the path to the Manifestation of any solution or dream?

I am using it on a daily basis. With physical conditions. When I encounter fears, doubts or that things don't turn as expected. With finances and relationships. With dreams and projects I have. 

I choose to see every challenge, obstacle or setback as an opportunity to learn something and head to an even better situation or outcome.

I choose to look for the solution (s) rather than focus on the problem.

I choose the Feel-good thought over the “All-black scenario” one. 
I choose to believe in and focus on the slightest positive sign when everything seems hopeless and lost. 
I choose to believe in my dreams and focus on my goals, despite any temporary outer condition.

Even when I have no idea how I will make it to the other end of the tunnel, I make a mental image of what it will looks like on the other side, how I will feel, who I will be...and I stick to that vision, knowing that the lights will turn on as I walk towards it.

Whenever something new arises, it is an opportunity for me to grow. However tricky, hopeless or unsolvable it might appear at first, I KNOW that sooner or later, something good, better, even sometimes amazing will be born out of it. Every single time. And the more I practice it, the quicker the solution comes. The quicker I meet the right people, I am inspired to an action that leads to a series of incredible synchronicities, hear or read something just spot on... Sometimes the solution comes in surprising ways, often in a far better version than I could have planned!

There is definitely Magic in this process.

Yes, it is sometimes challenging to know that you have power over your own choice of thoughts and on the way you consider events occurring in your experience. Yes, it takes a bit of courage and practice, as you can so easily get back to that “sloppy thinking”. Isn’t it somehow comfortable to see ourselves as poor little things, victim of our life and of outer conditions, to complain and criticize others?  I still do it. Believe me, I’m just like everyone else! doesn’t feel good very long and I usually don’t find it interesting anymore... 

Once you embrace your power over your own life, it gives such a wonderful taste of freedom, magic and adventure to it! I would never want to go back to the “old” way of thinking. Never.

This Shift in Mindset can be applied to any areas of your life, if you...

...are ready to accept that you have power over your own reality - or at least are open to give it a try!
...are willing to look at your “excuses” with kindness and honesty. 

This is the Key to amazing and unlimited Energy!
This is the Key to bouncing back from any situation!
This is the Key to living Your Life as you want it

Why don’t you give it a go? Try it! It’s so worth it!

Welcome to your Magical Life!

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