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Recently a very good friend of mine launched her new blog on minimalism Mon Truc en Moins - a great blog, well-written and with a very honest and authentic approach of what minimalism means for her and changed in her life. A must-read! Another of my ultra runner friend TyreLady Ice is dedicating her life to the fight against plastic waste and working on amazing zero waste and "Re-use-recycle-reduce" projects in Singapore and England. Collective gardening, permaculture and urban gardens are springing up like mushrooms. Tons of receipts and books on how to create your own organic beauty products and environnement-friendly cleaning products can be found on the web. Organic. Local. Re-use. Recycle. Reduce. A desire to use less, to declutter. To be more mindful, more responsible. To go cleaner, go greener. Worldwide there is a clear awakening of conscience regarding our consumer society and the values (or lack of) that come along with it. Questions are being asked. Old principles are being challenged. The era of over-consumption and waste is slowly rocking in its foundations. The wheel of change is in motion. Across the globe more and more people want to make a difference making the world a better place.

Decluttering from the inside out

I am no exception. As an ultra runner and adventurer, I love spending time in nature and being around animals. It's the basic of my life, my well-being, my balance. Taking care of our magnificient planet is an essential part of my life. But what I am truly passionate about, my thing in life, is about decluttering the mind, sorting the beliefs and disbeliefs, challenging the limits and fears, recycling and reformatting outdated patterns. What I truly want to contribute to is changing people's mind.  Or rather the way people think and perceive their environnement, life and relationships with others and themselves. I truly believe that we can heal our planet by healing ourselves and changing the way we think and we approach life. Our thinking and life philosophy also need a good spring cleaning: let's declutter, sort waste, refresh and check out any outdated or polluted data. Let's tidy our minds up. Let's clean from the inside out. Our inner mess reflects on the outdside and contributes to messing up our environnment. Polluted thoughts when not disposed of keep polluting the mind and are like poison that slowly ruins one's health, relationships, career, leading to more misery.  So if you are serious about the environnment and Planet Earth, maybe could you start with yourself?

Claim your inner power back

Well, I know. Easier said than done. "And what does it mean by the way? Positive thinking? Tried it. Doesn't work". I know that too well. I've been there myself. And it took me a while to really get it. It's about the way we think. But also about the way we chose to act, react and feel. Think and feel. And don't get me wrong: it didn't happened to me overnight. And I keep learning, cleaning and decluttering as it's an ongoing process. Daily life keeps bringing in new stuff to sort, check, decide whether to keep or not.  But this is the key to the whole process: to make a decision. We have the power to decide which thoughts we want to have about such and such topics. We have power over our own thinking and feeling. And once we claim this power back, life starts shifting and becoming much lighter and more exciting! We can chose our thoughts and therefore create a new reality for ourselves.

As a female adventurer and ultra runner, I've done things that people when looking at me from the surface would never imagined I could do. After hiking a 700km trail on my own with my dogs in northern Scandinavia, I felt that I took myself from being looked at as a frail or weak woman, to my full strong potential. And I felt the same level of exhilaration when I ended up being the first women finisher of the Arctic race Rovaniemi 300. It makes me feel awesome and unstoppable. It makes me feel what the Finns call “sisu”: a mix of deep-rooted inner strength, courage, grit and resilience that lies inside all of us. Our inner power. What I accomplished was the result of a deep inner shift in my thinking and life philosophy. And I now want to share this with others to transform other lives!

By becoming more aware of our own thinking and taking responsibility for our lives, we not only change our life experience but tremendously help, support and heal our environment.

You are the change you wish to see in your world!  


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