Meet our dogs

The Eleven Alaskan Huskies adopted by the Association!

These doggies were all rehomed from working in a professional kennel for different reasons.

The very first two were Bobby and Quint. These two brothers came from a smaller kennel and didn't fit at all in the safari world. Very sensitive, Quint would get seizure in case of high stress and Bobby was simply freaking out when put in the harness. They are now our pet dogs, living at home with us, even if Bobby is back to running with the team and actually does it very well!

For three of them, the "Spice girls", Posh, Baby and Sporty, it is mainly related to the Covid-19 crisis. Under other circumstances, they would certainly have stayed at Bear Hill Husky as safari sled dogs. But, their kind of difficult temper with other dogs, especially with other females, placed them on the list of the dogs to rehome when some decisions had to be made. They have a good pedigree, great potential as sled dogs and are still very young (born in summer 2019). So working on their "nasty " tendencies is one of the main challenges with them!

The other three, Typy, Hassu and Vinku, were all for rehoming as they are extremely shy dogs, easily afraid of guests and of any unknown people. This made it difficult for a professional kennel and not fun at all for the dogs themselves. With them, the main challenge is to build the trust and boost their self-confidence. Born in another kennel, they are mixed Alaskan - with a lot of hound, and Siberian husky. 

The last females adopted, are Oak and Hazel, two lovely young sisters, very social and kind. They didn't enjoy being professional sled dogs, so they joined our tribe to do other kind of outdoor activities! We've found out that they actually love running in the harness, but hate any routine! They are perfect in our small team.

The idea to adopt them was born while working and spending time with them during a volunteering mission at Bear Hill Husky kennel:

All eight love to run and it would have been a shame not to let them do that. Yet as part of a small and private sled dog team run by a few people they know and trust to give them a chance to overcome their shyness and enjoy running without any additional stress. Once the idea was born, as out of the box as it seemed, it grew into a solid project and the rest followed! These dogs are so keen to go, learn, and create a bond with someone, that we couldn't let them down!

Cover picture credit @Joel Forsman Photography

2023 Updates

In December 2022, another boy joined the squad. Pezo is a uncastrated male, born in 2018, very strong and eager to go. He was to be put down as he was suffering from an eye condition, and was rescued by one of the workers. When we saw the boy, we thought he would do wonders in our little team, and decided to adopt him. He is also very sensitive. We love him and he got along with all the others super quickly.


The dogs were doing so well lately that we decided to try out some small races. And it went way beyond our expectations! We won the first one, 6 dogs for a 2x35km! So we decided to try a little longer one, 2x 60km with 8 dogs. And we won it too! So the Striders Adventures Racing Team is born!

  • Tiny Typy

    Typy is for the time being, the command lead dog of the team. It means that she understands the direction commands I give her and guide the team. She wasn't born at Bear Hill Husky kennel, and has always been extremely shy since she arrived.

    Once she trusts the person who takes care of her, she's truly amazing. And quite  a cheeky girl!

    But, if she gets scared of someone while running, she can just freeze or go hide somewhere..., often behind a tree! and drags the whole team along! So I'm working on it, as it makes things a bit complicated on the trails..!

    Sponsor Typy 

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  • Baby, and her Yoda ears!

    Baby is one of the four sisters named after the Spice girls - three of them are part of the Striders Adventures team, born in summer 2019. She can be differentiated from her sisters by her small white sock on the front left leg... and her Yoda-like look when she stands like on that picture! LOL

    Very people-oriented, she's lovely and easy with people, and actually gets on pretty well with Typy. I try to run her in lead, and teach her the commands. She's smart, I'm sure she can make it!

    Sponsor Baby

    In 2022 Baby is sponsored by Rebeka B. - Thank You!!
    Partly sponsored in 2021 by Dominique M's family, thank you!

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  • Hassu, the Dark & Blue-Eyed Guy

    Hassu is Typy and Vinku's brother and they all arrived from a small kennel that had to stop their activities.

    "hassu" in Finnish means "funny, wacky" and he actually that suits him pretty well!, at least once he overcomes his natural shyness. I'd say he comes second after Typy when it comes to shyness..! But then, he's Mr Cuddles. 

    There's really something I like about this doggy and his personality. I'm curious to see how he'll evolve with time, patience and training. 

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    Picture credit

  • Posh, the classy one

    Posh is the second Spice girl of the team and her name really suits her! She has two white socks on her front legs which really make me think of her wearing white gloves! She actually even runs with style LOL

    She loves to roll in the snow and nearly always lays down whenever we stop the sled. But otherwise, she's always very playful and lively, and her favourite game is to jump on her sister, Sporty.

    As she's the most independent of the three sisters, I will try to run her in lead more often. Who knows... she might become a great lead dog?!

    Sponsor Posh

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    Picture credit @Inga-Maaret Aikioniemi for Wild Nordic Finland

  • Vinku, the Winky Boy

    Vinku is the other blue-eyed doggo of the team,  brother of Typy and Hassu. And he's this kind of dog that you either love or irritates you! I fell in love with him, because he's such a kind soul and so joyful! He loves to please, run, and play, and can show it in a very loud way LOL

    Once he starts to trust and knows he gets the level of exercise and action, he's actually a different dog. Less noisy and even more patient, he looks more relaxed, yet real eager to go for a run or fun time in the running fence.  

    Sponsor Vinku

    Nicole G. is Vinku's godmother for 2022, thank you!

    Bank transfer or via paypal 

    Picture credit

  • Sporty, the Fast & Furious Girl 

    Sporty is the most energetic of the three Spice girls owned by the Association and also the one that wants the most attention from people. 

    She's the one always eager to go, jumping and pulling the team as she doesn't like to stop too much to rest,. Yet she doesn't feel too confident to go in lead for now.  

    She's got quite a strong temper and still have some progress to make to get along with Baby. Otherwise, she's now friend with Typy too. 

    Sponsor Sporty

    Sporty is partly sponsored by Charles and Marlise, thank you!

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    Picture credit @Inga-Maaret Aikioniemi for Wild Nordic Finland

  • Oak, a Husky with a Malinois look

    Oak was also born at Bearhill Husky, and that's how I actually could get her. She's one of the puppies I trained during my stay over there. She didn't enjoy being a professional sled dog, but is a very talented dog for other outdoor activities. So she joined our tribe and will come along our expeditions and tours with people. She's still young and is now in training phase.

    Sponsor Oak

    Oak's godmother for 2022 is Rosa GC - thank you so much!

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    or via paypal 

  • Hazel, the sweety pie

    Hazel is Oak's sister and is a perfect addition to our dog pack. She didn't enjoy being a professional sled dog, but is also a very talented dog for other outdoor activities. So she also joined our tribe and will come along our expeditions and tours with people. She's still young and is now in training phase.

    Sponsor Hazel

    Hazel is sponsored in 2022 by Szabolcz S.  - Thank you!!!

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