Sled dogs for Adoption

Here are the dogs currently available for adoption. 

All the Huskies listed here are wonderful dogs, all suitable for a "classic" home life. Of course, as any adopted or rehomed pet, they will need some time to settle in their new life with you. If you give them that time to adapt, get to know you and trust you, they will become amazing companions.

So far, since end 2019, we have rehomed - or help rehomed - more than 40 dogs. They all made such wonderful stories that it makes us more inspired than ever to keep on with this wonderful sled dogs rehoming project.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the project and dogs for adoption.

Any support is of course always welcome. The more resources we get, the more dogs we can help and the more kennels we can help retiring their dogs. So if you cannot adopt a dog yourself, why not sponsor one?

  • Five New Dogs Soon for Adoption

    By end December 2021, we have 5 sled dogs coming at our kennel for adoption.

    They are all Alaskan Huskies, aged between 6 and 9 years old. One with specific needs (hypothyroidism) fine with medication.

    All very well-behaved, trained and kind dogs. We know it won't take long for them to find a new place!

    Pictures and portraits to follow SOON!!

    Looking for a smart idea for Christmas? Why not support a cause and sponsor one of the dogs for adoption? Contact us!

  • Tonic

    Available in spring 2022.

    With his awesome looks and personality, Tonic is sure to find a new home quickly! Born in 2013, he arrived at Bearhill Husky kennel as a puppy. He's still fit and up for good runs and regularly joins the safari teams. He can either go to a home as a pet dog or as a lead dog in a smaller private team. 

    Tonic travels very well in the car and is home and leash broken. He's still quite shy and not comfortable walking in traffic and in the city.  He can be shy with men sometimes.

    Contact us for further information on this lovely boy! 

    Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

    Pic credit by Helen Walker @helenannawalker


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