Huskies & Sled dogs for Adoption

Here are the dogs currently available for adoption. 

All the Huskies listed here are wonderful dogs, all suitable for a "classic" home life. Of course, as any adopted or rehomed pet, they will need some time to settle in their new life with you. If you give them that time to adapt, get to know you and trust you, they will become amazing companions.

So far, since end 2019, we have rehomed - or help rehomed - more than 40 dogs. They all made such wonderful stories that it makes us more inspired than ever to keep on with this wonderful sled dogs rehoming project.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the project and dogs for adoption.

Any support is of course always welcome. The more resources we get, the more dogs we can help and the more kennels we can help retiring their dogs. So if you cannot adopt a dog yourself, why not sponsor one?

  • Peppi

    Oh Peppi! This cute little girl is one of Bobby and Quint's sisters. Currently at our place in Switzerland, she was born in Sweden out of a Siberian mother and Alaskan Husky dad.

    She had a good sled dog career and participated in some long distance races. Born in October 2015, she's now ready for a new start as a loving companion in a normally active family.

    Peppi is very sweet, social with all other dogs, easy to handle, and is adapting quickly to a classic pet dog life. She's totally fine with kids, horses and small animals. We are currently training her to feel comfy inside. A bit insecure at first, she trusts people pretty quickly and loves to travel in the car. She is smaller in size than Bobby and Quint.

    Is Peppi your new best friend? Contact us via messenger, insta DM or email

  • Sweet, a Sweetie Pie made in Alaska!

    Sweet is a 6 years old female born in Alaska at Nic Petit's kennel ( a very famous musher); she ran the Iditarod (a 1000 miles race known as the toughest mushing race in the world!) and also took part in one of Nicolas Vanier's movies. So she was quite a hardcore sled dog! She arrived at Bearhill Husky in Finland in 2018 and was twice the proud mum of lovely puppies. Three of them are our Spice Girls, Sporty, Posh and Baby.

    Sweet is now looking for a new home, someone or a family who would be happy to have a friend to take on walks, runs or any active outdoor activity. She's good at skijöring, and will also be great with the bike. She's still young and will be an ideal indoor and outdoor companion for several years!

    Sweet is super sweet and social, and is very people-oriented. She likes male dogs, but isn't always best friends with females. She can be a single dog as well without problem. 

    Currently in Finland. She can be brought to Sweden, Denmark or Central Europe at the end of April 2022.

    If you have a crush on Sweet, feel free to contact us! by email or via social media @thestriders_adventures!

  • Kero

    Are you looking for an awesome sport buddy? Kero is an Alaskan husky, castrated male, aged 6.5, 30kg. He loves running, but not in a team pulling a sled... He would be great for canicrossing, bike- and skijöring, or with a kickpark.
    He knows commands and can run in lead.

    He has been living mainly inside for nearly three years now, and even spent time in a family, that couldn't keep him anymore for family reasons. He's definitely more of an inside dog now and prefers the sofa to the dog house!

    He loves company and probably would be happy if there's another dog buddy in the house. Preferably not a home with cats as he has hound blood in his lineage, and hunting instincts.

    He can also be shy at first with new people and dogs, but once he gets to know you, he craves for cuddles and affection.

    He has chip and passport and is in healthy conditions. More pictures available on request.

    Interested in Kero? Send us an email or DM on social media!


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