The Task Force FAQ

Who are the Striders Adventures?

The Striders are made of two humans, Rachel and Marc, Milwyn the Witch cat, Ola -a Portuguese sport horse , Sparta - a mix breed rescue dog, and 10 Alaskan huskies aged between 2 and 7 - Bobby, Quint, Posh, Sporty, Baby, Vinku, Typy, Hassu, Oak and Hazel

The Task Force is made of Rachel, Marc, and the 10 Huskies.

Ola the horse usually isn’t counted in the Task Force, although she can totally be included in activities with people; she’s an amazing teacher! 

Where do the Striders Adventures travel to?

In winter and summer, we privilege northern or colder European countries; in spring and autumn we are happy to travel anywhere in Europe. However, we consider any project submitted to us.

Located outside of Europe? Yet, you know that your project is a perfect fit for our Tribe? Contact Us and let’s talk!

What do the Striders Adventures require?

We are not difficult people, and the pack is used to travel and move frequently. However, our tribe has some special requirements

A place that can accommodate all of us:

  • A space where to park the lorry (11m long)
  • A place that is authorised and suitable for dogs - it can be a kennel or a place where we can settle the dogs camp (field, fenced area, etc.). 
  • A field, a farm, or a stable nearby where Ola our Unicorn can stay during the length of our stay. 
  • In winter, we need electricity and access to water (lake, river or running water). 
  • Paths and tracks to run and ride

Do all the Striders need to work on every project?

Not necessary. Projects can involve all of us, or not - even only Rachel or only Marc - as long as we can all live on the spot or nearby. Again, it will really depend on the project that you submit to us. 

Do you accept volunteering missions?

No, we don't. We have a number of running costs that need real money. We also have a charity and want to keep supporting the re-homing of former sled dogs. We can discuss wages and get a part of the compensation as the animals' food and shelter.

If we are not driven by money, the assignments that we accept allow us to live and provide for our Tribe. We provide dedicated, professional quality services and bring our experience, drive and skills to assist you. In exchange, we get financial compensation. It's a fair exchange of energy and keeps everyone happy!.

About our animals

Health matters:

Our dogs, cat and horse are regularly checked by a vet. Their papers and vaccinations are in order as we often travel over different country borders. 

In case of suspicion of contagious illness of one or more of our animals, we take all necessary measures to prevent any further infection. 


All our animals are well-behaved, friendly and well-educated (except for the cat maybe!). 

However, they may be wary with other unknown dogs or people. So always ask us before going close to them when they are on the chain, stake-out or walking on the lead. We’re happy to introduce you to them properly ;-)


Just be aware that a pack of dogs can be noisy, they can bark or howl at any time of the day. We can take them inside at night if need be, yet they will be out late at night (around 10-11pm) and again early in the morning.


Ola, Sparta, Bobby, and Quint are the hikers. They love going for long hikes or rides; in winter we take the dogs with skis or snowshoes. 

The Huskies are the Runners! They love going with the sled, bike or cart. We also go canicrossing with them in summer or when it is too hot. Yet, they enjoy  far more wearing a pulling harness! 

Oak is a bit in between - sometimes she acts like a real sled dog - pulling at full speed, sometimes not at all;-)

With Ola, Rachel does a lot of free training and riding. Ola is a great teacher for learning to lead with mindfulness and learning to monitor your feelings and thoughts.

Getting in touch

Do you have a business or project that seems to be a fit for us? Are you interested in hiring us to assist you?

Please send us an email rachel(at) with detailed information about:

  • The type of business/project
  • The period you need us for
  • Location
  • Any other relevant information that could help us pick you among others!



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