Hire the Striders Adventures Task Force!

Do you have a business or specific project that requires extra help or expertise in the field of animals, environment or mechanics?

A specific project involving or related to animals or the environnment? Extra help needed to run your kennel or stables during an illness or holidays? or to deal with extra workload? Assistance needed with animals presenting behaviour issues or traumas?

The Striders Adventures Task Force is the answer to your situation!

Marc, Rachel, and their animal tribe are the Emergency Squad you need to assist you with a specific project, deal with extra workload, or as a back-up in case of illness or holidays.


The Story - How the Task Force was born

Rachel has been around horses and dogs since childhood. She has always been into outdoor activities alone or with her dogs and horse, and had her own coaching company for 10 years, specialised in physical and mental preparation for endurance sports and martial arts. She then moved to working exclusively with animals and became specialised in animal's behavioural issues, fears and traumas. 

Marc literally spent most of his life around cars, and car rally racing, building his own vehicles at a very young age. He is now internationally known as an expert in Toyota 4WD vehicles. He ran the family business for several years and created Banditoy, specialised in Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux projects. Nature and dogs have always played an important part in his life, and it has become even more so since he met Rachel.

A couple of years ago, the arrival of sled dogs in their life changed everything.

After several years of running their business - more or less - separately, Marc and Rachel have decided to quit their current activities to combine their skills and share their expertise in a completely different way and spend more time with animals and nature. Multi-tasking, complementary and working well as a team, they realised that together, they could bring something quite unusual yet very useful to others. They could bring their expertise to people where and when it was needed. Instead of people coming to them, they will be the ones going to the field!

And The Striders Adventures Task Force was born.

Type of projects or work we can help you with:

Preferably short and middle-term assignments (1- 6 months) - but we are always open to discussion, as it depends a lot on the project and situation.

Animals and Outdoor Activities

  • Mushing and working with sled dogs (guide, handler, etc)
  • Most outdoor activities (winter and summer, such as hiking, snowshoeing, ski-pulk, canicross, multi-days tours, overnight stays, etc.)
  • Dog care
  • Horse care
  • Stables work and supervision
  • Kennel work - kennel supervision
  • Site maintenance, renovation, restoration
  • Specialised in Animal rehabilitation and re-training (for private, professionals or for rescue centres: animal behaviour issues, traumatised or difficult animals, introduction of a new animal to the pack or herd, etc.) - specialised in horses, cats and dogs. However, Rachel can work with most species of mammals and birds.


  • Any vehicle maintenance, even in extreme conditions 
  • Overhauling of mechanical parts
  • Vehicles electricity
  • Toyota Land Cruiser and HIlux expert
  • Assistance with ongoing or planned restoration projects, 
  • Consulting for restoration projects (costs, parts, technical issues etc.)
  • Metallic construction works
  • Welding
  • Driving and transport

Home and building renovation

  • Home Decoration
  • Painting works
  • Home staging
  • Restoration works (except maybe for masonry!)

Below you can find information on who we are, our skills and what added value we can bring to you.

Also check the Task Force FAQ page! for some common questions!

  • Key strengths

    • Broad range of skills - together, we are like Swiss-Knives!
    • Solution oriented - Our Mantra is “where there is a will, there’s a way” .There’s always a solution if you are willing to focus on it, not on the problems. 
    • Ingenious and resourceful - we always want to find the best solution in every way; we can do a lot with ideas and a minimal budget, but never at the expense of the quality. Some Swiss blood, you know…;-) For cheap and botched, don’t hire us.
    • Reliable - trust and honesty are core values for us, and we take any responsibility given to us very seriously
    • Practical - down to earth people
    • Adaptable - we will adapt to your needs and way of working, as long as it is ethical and respectful of animals
    • Creative - we love coming with new, fresh ideas
    • Quick to learn - you won’t waste unnecessary time getting us started!
    • Efficient - we love to work efficiently!


    • Long term commitment
    • Repetitive work over a long period of time


    • Marc - French, English, basics of German
    • Rachel - English, French, Italian, slightly rusty German and basics of Finnish
  • Who we are in a few words

    As a couple

    Adventurers - Globetrotters - Complementary - Proud parents of 14 furry ones - Founders of the Striders Adventures Association for former sled dogs -
    Always up for new challenges! -

    He cooks - she eats!

    We can seem reserved..., but don’t be fooled by appearances… (wink)

    Some core values and philosophy

    • Trust, honesty and authenticity
    • Take the best in people and leave out the rest
    • Animals are friends and family
    • Life happens outdoors 
    • Impossible is fun; crazy and impossible is even better
    • Dreams come true, if you dream big enough!
    • We create our Reality, better make it great and fun!

    Love music and outdoor music festivals
    Celtic culture, tales and music

  • Rachel 

    Outdoor explorer, Strider, writer, animal intuitive and communicator, Trust Technique practitioner (2023)

    • Specialised in animal's behaviour issues and trauma healing
    • Animal care and well-being 
    • Sled dogs training and mushing
    • Sport and Outdoor Activities

    What makes me unique:

    • Hyperactive in a good way! Keep me busy and I’m happy!
    • A passion: for body and mind connection and unlimited potential, power of the mind, quantum physics, interspecies communication, magic.
    • Love to recycle -repair - reuse furniture, painting and decorating
    • At my best around animals and in nature
    • Very intuitive, yet very practical and down to earth.  
    • Very independent in my work, I love having a bunch of friends and like-minded people around to laugh with, take me out of my shell and spend some good time!

    Personal achievements, among others, I am proud of

    • Being the first person to run in autonomy and 14.5 days, the 500km of the Alptrekking in the Alps
    • The 700km of the Nordkalottleden in autonomy with my two dogs in 23 days
    • Being the first woman to have finished twice the Rovaniemi 300 Arctic Race
    • Having driven on my own with the Land Cruiser, the big trailer, Ola and three dogs some 7’000km between Switzerland and Scandinavia. 
    • My attempt to the 1000km of Arctic 1000 on skis in Northern Finland (700km done)
    • Having written and published a book
  • Marc

    Mechanical engineer, founder of Banditoy and Banditoy Parts, 4WD rally car and truck driver

    • Specialised in Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux. 
    • Ingenious solutions to solve technical or mechanical issues
    • Logistics 
    • Animal care, especially dogs 
    • Sled dogs training and mushing

    What makes me unique:

    • A creative mechanic. Give me some technical challenges and I’ll be happy!
    • Easy going, diplomatic, a little bit introverted at first, but don’t get me wrong: I know exactly what I want and always find my way through.
    • A passion for understanding how things work, anything technical and practical, smart ideas to make new with the old, the older Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux
    • Love useful and purposeful projects: sustainability, adaptation for disabilities or for animals, make something impossible come true! For tinsel and glitter, better ask someone else - I’ve had my fair share ;-)
    • Love being around dogs and in nature 
    • Love having fun with friends, and cooking fondue for a bunch of people!

    Personal achievements, among others, I am proud of

    • Having participated in two Dakar Rally for Toyota France 
    • Having raced several 24hours 4WD rally championships with a Land Cruiser I had modified myself.
    • Having resumed and finished my engineering studies at 28 in the UK
    • The level of knowledge and expertise I’ve reached in Toyota Land cruiser and Hilux mechanic
    • Having imagined, designed and built several unusual Land Cruiser projects. Among them, our 70 series pickup
    • Having imagined and built the dogs wheel-cart
    • The LORRY project!
  • Getting in touch

    Do you have a business or project that seems to be a fit for us? Are you interested in hiring us to assist you?

    Please send us an email rachel(at)stridersadventures.com with detailed information about:

    • The type of business/project
    • The period you need us for
    • Location
    • Any other relevant information that could help us pick you among others!


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