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Navigating through Life challenges

In my book, An Adventure Quest, I share and explain in detail the Magical Break Free Recipe, that allowed me to set free from years severe eating disorders.

If the above video takes as example the specific topic of food addictions and body-related issues, I have found out that this Magical Recipe is in fact applicable to any other challenge we are facing in our Life, especially when we feel lost, stuck or at a crossroad.

How to navigate through rough waters and unknown territories when we feel that we lost all control, that times are so uncertain, and that we have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do next? This feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness is extremely unsettling, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. It can lead to despair, and depression…

Where to start when all conditions seem at odds? …when we feel so desperate to see the end of the tunnel? ...when things as we know them have changed for good and there is no way back, forcing us to move forward?  

That is where my Magical Recipe kicks in, as a compass to navigate difficult times and find your unique way. I really believe in what I am sharing with you here and it has become an integrated part of my life philosophy… I'd even say lifestyle. Because it works. Because it really acts like Magic.

Claim your Power

In my Break Free recipe, all ingredients are key ones to me. They are all needed to make the perfect blend. However, this recipe requires to start with key element #1:  

You must be willing to take responsibility for your life and where you are at now.

It is not about denying all the hardship you went through, the wrong doings you suffered from, or the hard times you are facing in the moment. It is about acknowledging the situation as it is and accepting that you are the one in charge here. Because it is your life, your challenge. And however uncomfortable or unsettling it is, this challenge was meant for you, to help you grow, evolve, change, move forward. Some events can be excruciatingly painful, seemingly so completely wrong, unfair, out of your control or insurmountable.

I will not try to contradict that fact. I have been there…and as any other human being, constantly face new challenges and unsettling or painful events. They feel like that. They do appear like that to our limited perception of Life. And yet…any turmoil we are experiencing has a purpose in our life. Sooner or later, it will make sense. It will make us stronger. It will unfailingly bring more good and allow more amazing things to come our way.

Under one condition:

That you take responsibility and own that challenge as yours.
That you claim your power over your own life.

Steer your ship

As long as I stayed in this position of a victim of my struggle, expecting the outside world to come to me with a “ready-made” solution, there was no way out of my eating disorders issue. I was like a puppet led from one miracle solution to another, looking for help in all the wrong places, waiting to be rescued…

The day I decided that I was the one in charge and that it was up to me to be the change, to be the solution I was looking for, everything changed.

Why? Because now I was seeing the whole situation from a different perspective. I had changed my point of view and so things started shifting in accordance. And if I still felt as lost, stuck, and overwhelmed as before regarding the specific challenge I was living, I was now looking for solutions from an empowered standpoint.

It is scary. It can be uncomfortable to see it this way. It takes some courage. Yet, once you do, believe me, it is so empowering! ... actually no, don't believe me, try it!

Once you decide to own your challenge and that you are an active part of the solution, you have the freedom to choose. To choose to stay where you are or to take a different direction. Even though you do not know yet where to go nor where to start, this simple decision ignites the magic! And set new forces in motion. You will be led to the right books, the right people, the right places…and step by step, sooner than you think, you will have moved to a totally new place and find yourself in a totally new situation. Sooner than you think, your life will be transformed.

Because you took that very first step.

Are you willing to take it?

Enjoy the Adventure!

Rachel xx


PS: Want to find out more about my story and how I set free from eating disorders? Check the page on my book or grab your copy directly on Amazon

If you want my support to ignite more Magic in your life and/or start living a Life that really feels good, contact me or check my online resources!



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