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Huskies during pandemic!

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What about huskies in time of Covid?

So you’ve all seen me post pictures of my life here in this amazing country with these beautiful, lovely dogs and dream landscape.
I’ve been here now for some three months. And will probably stay much longer.
Because yes, Finland, and for me especially Lapland, is a paradise on earth. I feel so good and uplifted here, in nature, spending days outside, with the dogs.

Yet the current reality is way darker.

Kennels are suffering from the pandemic. Like every business, it’s true, But here we are talking about living beings: not only for the company owners but their main employees: the dogs. Unlike snowmobiles, they can’t simply be put on standby for a couple of years until things improve...
Bear Hill Husky is a kennel with a strong no-kill policy - they find new homes for the retirees. Nowadays more dogs - often much younger dogs - need to find a new home, and it makes it even harder for such kennels to survive.
I decided to come work as a volunteer because dogs are so important in my life since I’m a child. My dog Nyx passed out last April and it was the hardest thing I’ve been through for a long time. Yet her death led me to adopt two joyful Alaskan huskies, and discover the amazing world of mushing.
I now want to be part of something bigger to help and support huskies, and husky kennels go through tough times.

And to do that I have to start somewhere:

Start adopting, sponsoring and taking care of more dogs to be rehomed through my non-profit organisation: The Striders Adventures Association (Swiss based).
There are some dogs that really need to go, for various reasons, but mainly because they don't fit with the life and activities of a larger kennel.
I like them very much and they start trusting me. It takes time to build a trust relationship with these guys, and I want to give them a chance.
I have plans for them, such as bringing them (and me!) to do some races for fun. And share our adventures to all our followers and sponsors.
With the money raised, in the mid- and long term, the Association can support more dogs and kennels, find foster families, etc. It’s a huge job that requires time and resources. I know there is something to do and it needs to be done NOW. When the situation is so critical.
I believe that mentalities can change. I believe that there can be more kennels with strong no-kill policy. I believe we can find new homes for dogs and resources to support kennel owners who are open to other solutions.

I can’t do this alone.

There are people willing to support me here in Finland: kennel owners, mushers, volunteers... and we all need more help and support.
I am now starting to collect funds through my non-profit so I can adopt these first 6 dogs, provide for them (care, exercise, food, etc) and create the basis of what this larger project is going to look like.
A webpage and a Patreon platform will be soon available with more information, such as access to exclusive content for the sponsors and godparents.
If you want to be part of that amazing story, you can already send donations to the following account (it’s deductible from taxes)
Association The Striders Adventures
Chemin de la Verrière 16 - 1149 Berolle
Banque UBS - Succursale UBS de Nyon
IBAN : CH730022822814366301B
If you want to help me otherwise (accounting, web design, video makers, etc) please contact me at
You can also get my book An Adventure Quest, or get my online course. All the money goes to that same account and is used to get this specific project off the ground.

Huskies need your help. Let’s make this world a happier place!

(PS: it’s my birthday soon - and this is the most beautiful present I could get!)
Hugs from Rovaniemi, Finland 
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