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Let’s go viral! #home4husky 

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Shout out to all the rehomed husky owners. Support the cause by using the hashtag #home4husky under the pictures of your best friend(s) and make sure you tag @thestriders_adventures so we can share it too! Let’s go viral with the rehoming of former sled dogs!

As the word starts spreading among the mushers and working kennels, and that more and more sled dogs are coming to our place for adoption, I think it’s time that the rehoming of huskies and working dogs become VIRAL!

All the happy owners that I got to meet over the past year and half can confirm how awesome companions these dogs are and how quickly they adapt to their new life as “pet” dogs. In Alaska, The August Fund is doing an amazing job at rehoming Iditarod veterans and dogs who don’t make it to the competition teams. We can do and create the same network here in Europe!

Someone told me, at the very beginning of this adventure, that there would never be as much money or support for sled dogs adoption as there is for horses. It cut me to the quick. For the best. I will show them otherwise. I’m not into fighting against anything, as I believe it gives simply more energy to what you do not want to attract and just create more of it. However, I will stand up for a cause I believe in no matter what. All the support and positive feedback we have received since we started give me strength to keep on…and do more for the sled dogs! 

Husky rides are just magical.

It is pure magic to go on a sled tour. I will never EVER say otherwise.

I totally fell in love with mushing and my hubby too. It is such a wonderful feeling to be on the runners, going hand in hand with the dogs for the most enjoyable run, in the beautiful winter landscape. Millions of people come every year to Scandinavia to get a taste of this unique experience. A LOT of money is spent and earnt there as well.

Think for a minute: without the dogs, none of this would even exist, So let’s make it fair to those who make it all possible. Let’s make sure Husky Rides are magical for all parties, from beginning to end. Promoting the rehoming of retired sled dogs and of those who were bred for this activity but don't enjoy it benefits all parties: customers and professionals, especially in these times when sustainable tourism and green values are in the spotlight.  

Our work is to be the link between mushers and kennel owners and the new homes.

Their dogs are precious to them, very often considered as their best co-workers or even  as family members, Yet, not all kennels and mushers have the resources to keep all their retirees or their “to be rehomed”, nor the time or skills to search for new places. Also many dogs would be happier for their older days or new careers in lovely homes.

Next step: Husky Paradise

Marc and I now dream about creating a Husky Paradise, a happy place in nature where we could welcome more dogs before their adoption in friendly premises. It doesn’t really make sense to keep these dogs in the same way they lived all their lives if we want them to become family companions. We know exactly the kind of place we are to create. And this Husky Paradise will be a perfect place to welcome visitors who want to spend time in nature, enjoy outdoor activities and a good dose of dog happiness therapy!

There is a place. That would be a perfect match. It is a matter of getting the funding. So, friends, followers, members and sponsors of The Striders Adventures, we are all ears about your brilliant ideas on how to make this happen! Because it will happen. And we already look forward to welcoming you there :-)

Take care and we wish you and your beloved ones the most magical holiday season!

Pic credit - Helen Walker

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