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Dos & Don'ts - Back to Basics!

Dos & Don’t with your dogs! Back to Basics

Today a short post that I wrote from observing some people and their animals, especially with their dogs. We kind of take dogs for granted as so many of us have one or know someone who does, it’s so common, and there’s so many theories, information and other books available. Yet, I think that sometimes we forget some essentials!

Here are some things to know and do with your dog friend(s) whether you have one or many!

1. Have fun with your dogs! 

Play, laugh, run! Dogs are playful! They are like kids! A friend of mine often says it is like kindergarten. That’s quite a good image! Enjoy some silly moments with them, taking things as they are, in the present moment. 

2. Be trustworthy!

Use kindness and patience as key ingredients

You can really turn dogs with a very strong temper, a difficult background or who had been abused, into a wonderful and balanced being, through kindness, play, energy healing work and training. Being kind isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s about finding the right amount of firmness, calmness, and fairness. But it will lead your animals to trust you and feel safe around you; they will know that you are a reliable human that feels good to be around.

3. Just for the Fun!

Dogs don’t work. They play. 

They do something because they enjoy it. We might call them working dogs, like police dogs, rescue dogs, shepherd dogs or sled dogs. But actually, for them, it is only play! They practice an activity that brings them satisfaction in their own way. And it can be completely different from one dog to another, even within the same breed. Some dogs need to be kept busy mentally and physically, by doing “work”, some can run back and forth after a ball for hours, or run in the forest after a moose for days… some simply enjoy long easy walks and naps on the sofa.

Find the right activity for you and your dog, and you will both thrive! 

4. Let them be dogs! 

Time for dogs things

Whenever you can, and when it is safe to do so (for them and for people nearby): let them play, run, get dirty, get the steam off, do silly dog things!

5. The Value of Being Present

Be fully present when interacting with your dog (or any animal by the way)

They pick on every single thought and emotion you have, worry, anxiety, but also planning, forward thinking, etc. Be with them fully, in the here and now, and notice how they naturally stay closer to you, listen to you better, without you having to control or restrict them as much. Here, it's not about being in the meditative state, but rather to be present in what you are doing, in your interaction with your animal and in the activity you are engaged in with them. Keep your attention on them, observe without judging. Keep your mind as clear as possible from other issues. If something is troubling you or always come to mind, pause, make a mental note (or write it in your phone) and decide to deal with it later, or ask your subconscious or the Universe (whatever speaks to you) deals with it. There is huge value for both of you in being focused, present, when you are doing things together.

6. No projection!

A quick word on dogs psychology 

Stop projecting your own human feelings, fears or wounds onto them.

There is no such thing as bad, naughty, or mean in their world and between them, no tormentor and victim, no poor little one vs the …There can be aggressive or fearful behaviour, defensiveness or insecurity, for sure. But there is no INTENTION.

Let’s not confuse what we see and how we feel about something, with how they feel about it. Let’s not project our human interpretation with what is really happening that will translate totally differently in their dog language. They have feelings and emotions, of course! As an animal communicator, I definitely know it. They have likes, and dislikes, preferences, fears, insecurities, stronger affinities with some fellows and amenities with others, etc. But don’t let your human perception get in the way, or you will miss the real essence of the situation at hand. We too often read things through our own history, our own glasses and give INTENTION to what is a mere behaviour of protection, survival, etc. Read their behaviour objectively, understand the situation at a dog level…and you will be able to understand it, solve it or react to it far better. The more neutral you can be, the clearer you will be able to understand a situation.

Final word

How does it resonate? What do you most struggle with?

Of course, all of the above could be developed much further. I have barely scratched the surface. But I think that you get the picture and hope it gives you some perspective and ideas for your daily life with your pups. I promise to come back and develop some of these topics later on.

Share your thoughts, feel free to ask questions in the comments! This way I'm able to really address the topics that interest you most and hopefully help you and your animals  :-)

Lots of fun with your fur buddy,

The Witch

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