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Animal Communication: is it just my imagination?

Animal Communication:
Is it just my imagination?

Are you wondering if animal communication is purely imagination? Or whether you are making this up? Is it only your imagination?

I’ve been there and I totally understand your doubts and where your question comes from.

In this article, I’m not only going to answer your questions and address your doubts, but I’m also going to give you tips to help you with animal communication and enhance your skills.

Am I making it up?

This is a question that comes back over and over again. Along with : I can’t hear anything… I don’t see anything… these are some common statements that people tell me when they start animal communication. And it is the same with energy healing. 

And I totally understand this. I have been there. I remember the first time I was asked to feel the energy in my hands, I barely could feel anything. I couldn’t feel, hear, or see anything at all either! I was so shut down… and wasn’t even aware of the information my body was sending me, of the energy field around me… Because this is one of the main issue:

Intuition, telepathy and other psychic abilities as we call them, are totally underdeveloped in our society.
We are told to shut them down early in life. We are told not to listen to our intuition and are asked to do things that go against our gut feelings from a very early age. To please adults, to comply with social rules, to fit in, etc. We can even be critised for being a dreamer, unrealistic or having such a wild imagination. So we stop using these natural skills and don’t develop them any further. Luckily, times are changing and more and more people are now awakening and allowing themselves and their children to use and develop psychic abilities. I believe that we are actually all born with such abilities. They are part of who we are.  But because they are not promoted in our society, they become something special and supernatural. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few decades, they will become the new normal, skills that are part of humans' toolkit just like the “usual '' five senses, hear, smell, touch, taste and sight. 

But for now, let's come back to animal communication.

These abilities need to be woken up. They are like dormant muscles, covered by a layer of fat (!), which are Doubt and Scepticism. You will need some practice to feel these muscles again, understand how they work, and how you can make them stronger, work better and more efficiently. 

To access the ability to receive information from an animal, you have to step into the dimension of the sixth sense(s), which is very subtle and fine. It requires you to calm down the busy mind and overactive thinking to be able to get information from that realm. It requires a different level of awareness to be able to tap into this incredible source of information. 

So yes, at first, when you start practising, you may feel like you cannot hear anything, or are making things up, that it is only your imagination. Because it is so faint, so gentle.

We are not used to listening to this. We only believe in loud, solid or undeniable pieces of information.  We are trained to, through the telly, movies, and social media; we are constantly bombarded by loud and very tangible facts.  

Here, I’m asking you to tune into something far more subtle and delicate. Your intuition. Your gut feeling. Your imagination. 

The more you practice, the better you will understand how your intuition and 6th senses abilities work for you, the stronger they will become. 

How does animal communication work?

I want to keep it very simple here, so you don’t waste time trying to figure things out.

We are all made of energy. Energy is in and all around us. We are all humans, animals, plants, animate and inanimate matter,  bathing in an energy field. Now, animals have various ways of communicating, using signals, which can include visual, auditory, or sound-based, chemical, involving pheromones, or tactile, touch-based, cues. Another way that animals use to communicate with others, and with us is energy vibrations, or energy waves. These waves are translated by us, humans, in various ways: images, thoughts, ideas, words, smells or even tastes.

We are often oblivious of the fact that an idea we’ve got was actually sent out by our animal, and we just go and act on it, thinking that WE had the idea in the first place: feed the cat, fill up your dog water bowl, etc. Have you ever noticed something similar?

The way you interpret or translate the information your animals send you is very personal. We usually have one or two predominant senses, and with practice you can develop more. Maybe you already know which one is more dominant for you: feel/touch, smell, taste, sight, hear? 

Here’s a way to help you figure out with sense/s is/are stronger for you:

How do you remember things? What are your memories based on? 

Do you remember places as images or scenes? Or do you remember words, sounds, music? Is it more a feeling in your body or on your skin? Do you remember food you ate or drank? Or clothes you wore that day? Is it an overall picture, with everything inside? 

What words are you more likely to use to describe someone or something?

For instance: I don’t feel it - it didn’t sound good - it looked amazing - it was delicious - I loved it - I couldn’t stand him - Listen, …. - It was so noisy / messy / crowded, etc. - it smelled so good - it was so colourful - I was really moved / concerned,  … you get it.

This will help you figure out your dominant type of figurative language: visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, or gustatory. It will give you clues on how you are more susceptible to receive information from the animal, especially at the beginning. All ways have the same value, and there’s no right or wrong, superior or inferior senses. Only the one that is right for you.

It is also possible that you just know something. You cannot explain, but you know. And it can often be the case with your own animal, because you spend so much time together, you know them so well. But you probably either don’t trust the information you get, or are simply not aware that you actually know!

A full article on the psychic senses would be necessary to describe them all in detail - I should write one soon ;)

I will now give you 6 practical steps to help you develop your animal communication skills. But, beforehand, there are some prerequisites:


it is really important that you respect the animal you want to communicate with, and therefore, always ask for permission to the animal and to their higher self before starting any communication. If you feel that there is a resistance or that the animal doesn't want to talk at this particular moment, acknowledge it and let them in peace. Try again later. If you feel a fear of communicating with a human, you can reassure the animal, let them know that you understand and that your intention is pure and non-intrusive. Then, let them in peace and come back later, very gently. Go at the animal's pace. Some animals need time to open up.


Love is the energy that allows the connection. It is a very powerful tool, a very powerful energy. Feel the love you have for the animal. If it is your own animal, it usually is very easy to feel! Unconditional Love is pure. Conditional love isn't. It is full of expectations and fears. Make sure that you connect from this place of Pure Love for the animal. When you activate this beautiful, pure energy, the communication can flow with so much more ease. 

I made several videos and articles on the 7 principles to animal communication. Go check them out ;-)

Six Practical Steps to Develop your animal Communication skills


Practice, practice, practice. You cannot master skiing or painting like a pro without practising. It is the same with animal communication. The more you practice, the better you get. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or misinterpret something. It will help you develop and fine-tune your skills. 

Calm your mind down

To be able to receive and tune into your subtle psychic abilities, you need to calm your active and busy mind down. To do this, you can use breathing techniques, or any meditation, or relaxation techniques you know to bring your mind activity down, which will increase your awareness level. 

Connect with the Heart

Animal communication isn't a mind to mind communication. It’s a heart to heart, a soul to soul communication. Open your heart. Imagine that you are connecting with the soul and the heart of the animal and let the information flow naturally. Don’t force. It’s not hard, mental work. Let it sink in or flow to you. 

Don’t let doubt stop you. 

You will doubt yourself. We all do. It’s like the little devil on our shoulder. Let it be. Be aware of it but don’t pay attention to it. If you resist doubt, you give it energy aka “food” and thus, power. Do you doubt what you are thinking about? The answer you got to a question? Say it anyway! Write it down and then check it, ask for feedback from the animal’s person. Or if it is with your own animal, answer the question you think you get from them anyway. Assume it is true and speak out loud to your animal friend what you get. Sometimes, it is really strange, or it doesn’t really make sense. Write it down as it comes. You may also have an image from a place, a memory, or something from your past. Your brain is translating information that the animal sends by images, words, or situations it knows. What does it remind you of? How do you feel or did you feel then? Everything is important.

At first you may not be sure of what you get. Trust the first impressions, ideas, gut feelings you had. Remember, it is subtle. And if nothing comes through make your best guess. And if you can, get feedback. Step by step, you will understand how information comes to you and how you translate it. 

Look at the world through the animal's eyes

This is a technique that works really well for me. I encourage you to try it. Step into the animal's shoes and look at the world through their eyes... Do this:

Proceed as usual to connect with the animal. Then think of the question you want to ask the animal. Now... imagine that you step into their body and can see. perceive and feel things through their eyes, their senses. Think of the question again. And note whatever answer or information comes through.

Know your Why

Why do you want to communicate with animals? What are you interested in knowing? Everything is about intention. So being aware of what you are really interested in and setting an intention will greatly improve your communication. Again, there’s no right or wrong intention or interest, as long as it is done with respect and care for the animal. Let me give you an example. I love animal communication as it enhances my daily life and work with my own cat, horse, 3 home dogs and 10 huskies. It makes our life easier and I love talking with them. When working for other people’s animals, it must have a purpose and bring some added value to both the animal and their person.  My main concern is their well-being and harmony between the human and their animal, so I get very good information on health issues or potential conflicts, and on what they like or dislike. It is harder for me (also because I don’t see much interest) in telling the colour of their beds or favourite toy - except if it is related to an issue at hand. Some communicators are great at giving such details. It is truly up to you. Maybe you will discover through practice what you are best at, what information comes easily to you and which don’t. Try! Be curious!

I wish you a lot of fun! Let me know how it goes for you in the comments :-)

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