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Being a Super Human, Blessing or Curse?

Quite a pretentious title, isn’t it? But bear with me. I think you’ll like it wink

High Potential, high performer, hyperactive, ADHD, Starseed, highly sensitive, empath, psychic and/or physical abilities above average …whichever of these you’ve been diagnosed, or you relate to, this article has been written for you. This is not a scientific essay and I will not stick to the common, often too restricted labels. I am sharing my own experience as I am sure they are many of us out there, and it might help some of you, and who knows, we can help and support each other in this!

A never stopping mind.

The feeling that other people are always too slow and take ages to grasp things. An incredible life force. A brain working as fast as a computer when in your field/s of predilection. The ability to understand and grasp concepts and see things that most people are not even aware of. Being very down to earth as well as very psychic, very connected to the Universe and to something way bigger. A never-ending thirst – and ease - to learn, and on a very large scope of topics. A nearly inexhaustible physical energy. A craving for freedom in all forms.

But also…  A super high sensitivity and strong emotional reactions that regularly take you on an emotional roller-coaster. The lingering feeling of never fitting in, of not understanding the usual social codes, and of being from another planet. Struggling to live a “normal” life and abiding to social rules. An inner critic so sharp and implacable that it makes any external critic nearly unbearable.

Do you relate to one or more of the above? If so, keep reading.

All the above statements describe how I feel and live daily, for as long as I can remember. As a child and later a teenager, I thought that it would pass. That it was all temporary, part of growing up and the adolescence crisis. I moved into adulthood…and it didn’t get any better.

My studies were chaotic. Not because I lacked the intellectual skills. But because I truly lacked the ability to concentrate and focus on studies for long hours. I managed to get my academic degree in law, at a high personal price. But then, I struggled building a proper career as my field of interests were constantly changing and evolving. I would get bored and completely restless in any office job I got. Binge-eating was the coping mechanism I used for many years, to keep my energy level and restless brain under control. Food was the only thing that would calm me down and give me some (temporary) peace to cope with studies and work. It was the only way I had found to deal with this ongoing restlessness, thirst for more and constant appetite for something else I wasn’t sure even existed. It was a nightmare to live and a very painful period of my life. But I made it. I freed myself from bulimia and binge-eating. I actually wrote a book on my journey out of bulimiahere’s the link if you are interested

In my thirties, I embarked on the spiritual journey. Learning about energy, The Power of the Mind, the law of Attraction, Quantum Physics … And it was a real turning point. It is such a vast topic! It has such huge potential! And opens endless possibilities. At first, and for many years, I thought that it would help me find my path and career, that I would eventually feel more like I was fitting in. That it would fix me somehow, that I would finally get the key to how I should live my life to be part of the classic society. But I was wrong. The more I was progressing on this path, the worst I felt. Well, not exactly. I had great moments of epiphany, feeling happy, like I was getting it… followed by downs and painful periods of doubts as things were not evolving as I thought.

As I wasn’t coping with food anymore, my body and soul were screaming out loud in their own way. I had terrible skin rashes and reactions. I was constantly on the brink of depression and burnt-out, with very dark thoughts. My body and soul were showing me when I wasn't going in the right direction, when I wasn't in alignment with myself and my Higher Self.

So I kept on learning and studying the different Law of the Universe and Quantum Physics. I knew that the key I was looking for was there, somewhere. It felt all so right. The more I have dived into this, the more I got to understand how my brain was working. I’ve discovered incredible, yet simple ways to heal my body – and help heal my animals and loved ones. I’ve used the Power of my mind to accomplish incredible physical challenges. I started really understanding how I was using my brain, body and spirit in ways that were not yet common for most humans. And I started using these unusual tools to better understand and help my environment, the animals and nature around me.

I realised that talking with animals, feeling things so strongly, reading people’s mind, seeing through people’s masks as easily and naturally as if they were naked, rarely being tired, using my mind to control my body, etc. were NOT supernatural abilities but the new stage of mankind.

Learning and accepting who I am, as I am, my abilities as well as my flaws instead of trying to fix me,  feels way better. It is totally useless to try and tune down my sensitivity or slow down the way I think. Because it is intrinsically part of ME. But I’d rather need to learn how to use them and turn them into a blessing rather than a curse. I now start having hope that being so unconventional is my strength and main gift to this world. And I have also accepted that it might not be understood by or please everyone.

I do not know yet how exactly I am going to serve others. I am still not sure what my purpose is or how I am going to make a living with all this. But I won’t try to keep a low profile anymore. And I beg you to do the same. Be Unapologetically you. Listen to your heart, your gut feeling and don’t get trapped or limited by any diagnosis that was made about your condition. You know yourself better than any other, doctors or psychiatrists. This condition is a blessing, not a curse. You were born the way you are for a reason. You are not to be FIXED. Your difference, your weirdness, your “disability”, It is a strength you have, it is your Unique Super Power. Don’t let it be taken away from you, or destroy you. Don’t try to fit the norm. But rather recognise it as a gift and learn how to use it, for the best.

Ask yourself: How can you turn this condition into a blessing?

I know now that I am an active part of the new Earth, of an opening in consciousness and that my struggles as a human is going to be beneficial to help and support others in this situation. And I believe you are too. Our brain is NOT to be fixed. We are NOT to be fixed. We are NOT sick, crazy or to be treated. Our amazing abilities are NOT weird or exceptional. We are here to push the limit of what is thought possible, to open people’s mind, to open people’s heart and consciousness to a new way of being and interacting with our planet and those we share it with.

Welcome to the New Earth, Wonderhuman!

The Outdoor Witch

PS: and if you need and want help to understand and use the Super Power/s you have, I would be super happy to support and empower you on this journey; you can book a session with me by email rachel(a)

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