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My Adventure Quest - Part 3

The Alchemist Recipe

It took me longer to write this post than expected for two main reasons:

 ->There is so much to say that it's difficult to keep it short, simple and clear
 -> I was so deep in the writing of the related book that I can hardly stop to do anything else!

Having started writing about it, I discovered that indeed there was a lot to say and share, and that basic blog posts and articles would never be enough. I am willing and totally determined to share my story further to help other men and women heal from such a painful condition and guide them to love themselves and their body and have a peaceful and amazing relationship with food again!

Because despite all I've believed for years: it is possible. And it's far less complicated that I ever thought!

This post will give you the key elements that lead to my full and complete recovery. I like to think of an Alchemist Box full of both magical and scientific tools that have the ability to transform any desperate situation into a fantastic Hero Story!



My Guideline to Recovery

There was clearly 2 main and distinct paths to my recovery that when blended together created this bright new reality for me. And I am so keen to share them because I know it works. And yet I for years I thought I was a lost cause, that I was different, that nothing would ever work for me and I'd have to make do with it.

I was wrong. I made it. And with far more ease than I could have dreamt of. Because once you've got the recipe, once you understand the mechanism and how to use the ingredients, everything falls into place, like magic!

I am totally aware that some of the statements that follow will trigger some reactions. There are against the common thinking of classical ED treatments. I know. Yet it works. But don't take my word for it: try, test for yourself, see how it all resonates with you and your own story. Whether you're clearly suffering from ED or only resonate with some aspects: your body image, your relation with food, your self-critical and judgmental inner talk, etc.

The only rule here is, whether or not you believe it, you are your own boss. And in charge of your life.


I. Claim Your Power

or addressing the mental and social side of Eating Disorders (ED)

That's where it all begun for me and these long years on my adventurer journey can be summarised as followed:

Take responsibility for my ED and actions on a daily basis. 

part of which involved:

-> Daring say no to /dare not agree with experts and specialists
-> Not handing your power over to others and expecting them to find the answer for you
-> Stopping asking for and listening to 10'000 divergent opinions - only leading to more confusion and feeling of overwhelment, powerlessness and hopelessness.

Differentiate "Healing from Bulimia and ED" from "Personal Development"

-> Healing from ED as little to do with personal development. The second supports the first. But you will never stop learning about yourself, facing new challenges, even healing wounds from the past. You don't have to wait until everything is nice and clear to be totally recovered. Otherwise you can wait your entire life.

-> Stop giving ED/Bulimia/weight issues or any disorders so much credit and so much meaning. Start considering them as mere facts and actions.

-> Stop using your disorder as an excuse for not living your life. Stop reducing everything as a logical or natural consequence of your disorder. You'll be quite surprised once it's over of what still remains unsolved and actually had nothing to do with it!

Create a new reality for yourself

->Change the story you're telling yourself about who you are, about food, about your weight, about anything and everything! Thoughts and feelings influence and create our reality. So start changing it now.  

-> Use the "as if"  magic wand! Give a chance to others to see you otherwise than with the whatever labels have been stuck on you and "as if" you were already healed! It's a really powerful tool!


II. The Brain and Body of a Super Hero

or understanding the mechanism of ED and bulimia and how the brain works

That's the hardest bit to explain in a few sentences. But also for years the top missing secret ingredients to a successful quest.

To heal from any disorder, you need to address the physiological aspects of it.

Addressing the practical aspects of bulimia and any ED: Hunger and Food! 

It all comes down to the brain

-> Unconsciously, you've trained your brain like a relentless warrior, a super efficient soldier. It keeps on repeating what it's been trained for.

-> Binge-eating and bulimia are learnt-behaviours and habits. 

-> Get off the automatic mode and switch back on manual. The brain needs to be re-trained and re-wired. The muscles memory and body responses to triggers need to be modified.

-> Become aware that you have power over your brain. Over your thoughts. Over the triggers. Over your actions. However powerless or depressed or even overwhelmed by positive feelings you feel, nobody puts food in your mouth: you do.

It all comes down to food

-> Get off the survival mode. Give your body what it craves. Feed your body. For real. Trust it. For good. Your body is far smarter that you think.

-> Give up on any rules or controlling thoughts over your body and food. It only leads to subtle yet violent counter-reactions that you are not even aware of. That was what unlock my door to the Grail!

-> Think abundance and freedom. Use structured eating and Intuitive eating as your magic and master keys to the final and full recovery. 

The Magic Touch

Of course, it's a synthesis and gives only part of the explanations. Each single element can be develop much further and deeper. Yet my all recipe is there. And for some of you, it will be enough to help you connect the dots.

For my other readers that are interested in knowing more and understanding deeper my Alchemist recipe, the book will certainly answer all your questions and give you a clearer and more detailed guideline along with practical exercises.


PS: Want to find out more about my story and how I set free from eating disorders? Check the page on my book or grab your copy directly on Amazon

If you want my support to ignite more Magic in your life and/or start living a Life that really feels good, contact me or check my online resources!




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